Weekend Box – Snazaroo Face Paint

The Weekend Box

I struggle to find new things to do with the kids that will capture their attention. It can be a struggle to keep them entertained all weekend. So when I came across the idea of the ‘Weekend Box’ I had to explore further.

The idea is to deliver a special box containing fun activities for your little ones. The box came addressed to the Worm, of course he was excited to be able to open a parcel that was addressed to him! His excitement grew when he found face paint inside!


I too found myself  excited at the bright vibrant colors on the front of the packaging.  The sharp contrast of color was a refreshing change to the horrible brown of the usual bill envelopes coming through the front door! Already enough to capture any child’s (or adults) imagination. Opening the parcel was just as exciting, not knowing what it would contain inside. The unfolding box with colouring and activities is a really nice touch. Really making this a weekend activity box!

The box is presented by ‘The Gang’ fun animal characters that the kids will love!

Snazaroo Face Paint

The contains of this particular box was face paint. The Worm loves face paint so was very excited.  Followers of my blog will know I have been away on holiday. This has meant that since returning, we have not been able to crack out the new paints whilst we get through the piles of washing. However last weekend we got round to it a promised and the wait was definitely worth it!

The box contained:

Snazaroo face paints with stamps and a further box of face paint. Snazaroo are a well known face paint brand who are renowned for their quality box so it is great that they have been able to team up with  ‘Weekend Box’ We tried out the stamps first:

Unfortunately so excited was he by the his knew look,  he ran in the front room to show his younger brother and stubbed his toe on the door. The upset was so that we were unable to try out the other face paints or smile for the above photos! Unfortunately  we have not yet had chance to try out the rest of the face paints!

We have used Snazaroo face paints before and we have always been impressed with the qaulity, theese were no exception and the stamps made them quick an easy to apply.

Activity Box

As previously mentioned the fun doesnt stop here. the box has a ‘built in’ self color certificate. There also detailts to post pictures of your fun to the  Weekend Box   website where you can be entered into competions to win a range of  ‘Weekend Box merchandise.

But dont take my word for all this, take a look yourself at https://www.weekendboxclub.com/join


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