‘The Young Prince’ – A Self Help Book in Disguise!

I’ll be honest, when I was sent this sequel to ‘The Little Prince’ by A.G Roemmers, I’d never even heard of either! I had no idea what to expect. I am always on the lookout for books that I can share with my children as they grow, unfortunately it was not currently the right age range for them (Oliver 2, Harry 4 months). This said I will be reading it to them as they grow, this is because, as well as a novel (rather surprisingly) it doubles up as a self help book!

Let me explain…

The book starts of when a lone traveler finds a mysterious companion. Then they embark on a road trip lasting a few days. During the road trip they enjoy the scenery and talk, sounds like a rather odd and boring plot, but the magic comes in the content of their discussions. The companion turns out to be ‘The Young Prince’ an adolescent incarnation of ‘The Little Prince’ from the book of the same name first published in 1943. The Young Prince has difficulty understanding human concepts and words, for example a ‘problem’. This results in a conversation between the two companions using very clever anologies. After all how do you describe a problem to someone who has never heard the word?! The result of this is a simplifying of the word and the realization that a problem is only a problem if you perceive it to be!

The book also has some really beautiful moments of selfless acts. They made me think about all the opportunities I have had to show kindness that have drifted by as I have been too caught up in my own world (I am sure we have all been here). It also addresses those times when we have all assumed or prejudged someone. Each one of these scenarios is written in such a way that people of all ages and walks of life can understand.

The story is timeless

It talks about many events and feelings that are always current. For example when the question is asked ‘who is God?’ part of the answer describes that ‘shamefully…people carry on killing each other over the different answers you can give to that question’ These are only a few examples of many that make you question your own feelings and that of others.

The book itself, I believe, needs to be a book. There are some books where the magic is held within the pages and not on a kindle screen. Although I have nothing against kindles, I think it is important we do not forget about books. We need to teach our children to respect them and look after them. Scrolling down a screen is not substitute to turning a page! I would describe it as a ‘bridge book’ bridging the gap between children’s picture books and novels. The chapters are short, this has two advantages:

1) easy for young people to keep up with

2 ) means if I am reading at bedtime I can finish at the end of a chapter and as a result not lose my place!

There are pictures within the book, however it is not a picture book and follows more of a novel format. The Illustrations by Pietari Posti skillfully depict key parts of the text without taking away from the description of the words. This is good as the words are so important and have clearly been thought through.

In summary it is a great book that I cannot wait to share with Oliver and Harry when they are older. It has left me hungry for more so I will definitely  be looking into purchasing ‘The LITTLE Prince’ by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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