The Oliver Film Awards 2017 – Top 5 Favourite Films

As it is Oscar season, I thought I would give a run down of Worm Boys top 5 favorite films. At least his favorite films at the moment (he is 2, nearly 3 so changes his mind every other day!) There are a mixture of old a new films nominated and I have posted a brief description of each in case you haven’t seen them and are wondering whether to give them a try. In true film award style I will then announce who will be receiving an ‘Oliver’!

The nominees are…

‘Walt Disney’s Robin Hood’

This was always a favorite from my childhood. It tells the traditional story of Robin Hood with a fury twist! Despite being made in 1973 the colors are vibrant and he can follow the story line. All the animals are really well personified making this a hilarious adaption. However with my ‘grumpy old man dad hat on’ I cannot understand why every character is played by a different animal! but maybe I’m reading to far into it!

‘Despicable Me’

I first saw ‘Despicable Me’ long before I watched it with  Worm Boy. I remember finding the minions hilarious, but the problem is so did the rest of the nation (who have now gone minion mad) now due to over exposure there are few things I hate more then minions! Anyway the film is about super villan Gru, who struggles with being a new dad and a super villan. I think the biggest draw for Worm Boy is the minions as they provide he right level of comedy for him.

‘Peter Pan’

Another classic from Disney and this one is very special for both of us. Both Worm Boy and I were partly named after him as we share the same middle name ‘Peter’. Of course the film derives from the popular book by JM Barrie. A mysterious boy from ‘Neverland’ flies 3 children to his home  (a magical) island for an adventure. The film was originally made in 1953 but has definitely stood the test of time. Again the bright colors appeal to Worm Boy. I love the messages about imagination and adventure which believe to be invaluable to impressionable young children.



A bit of a wild card for a 2 year old but only to be expected living in a family of geeks. Regular readers to my blog will know that Worm Boy loves Spider man and shares our passion for all things marvel. We have tried to get him too watch other films in the saga, maybe even some from ‘The Amazing Spiderman’ series of films, however he always reverts back to the first Spiderman film. Basicly Peter Parker gets bitten by a genetically modified spider resulting in him developing spider like powers. Unfortunately he will be too young to see ‘Spiderman Home Coming’ which is out in cinemas later this year. However the latest incarnation of Spiderman means I should be able to experience a sequel in the big screen with him when he is a little older.


You may have seen from previous posts that we went to see this at the cinema recently. Although he has only seen it the once, he keeps requesting to see clips of it on you-tube and listen to the soundtrack my wife downloaded on to her phone. The film is about a clan of Trolls who are stolen by the feared Bourgens. The Bourgens believe the only way to be happy is to eat a Troll! The film is filled with many popular songs and does fill you with a sense of ‘joy’ (Whether you want it too or not!) I wasn’t a big fan as it was a little too ‘glee’ for me but Worm Boy loves it and there are some great messages about what it is to be happy.

And the Oliver goes to…

Unfortunately Poppy and Branch (the stars of the film) could not attend to accept the award. They did however send this video to show how happy they are at having won…


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