The Irish Fairy Door Company & Dougie The Elf!

Following on from a previous review from The Irish Fairy Door Company of ‘Paint Your Own Fair Door’ I was invited to try another door from their range. Christmas this year was magical as #TheBoy was old enough to understand about Father Christmas. 2015 we took part in the ‘Elf on a Shelf’ craze However we entered into it 2 days late so we managed 22 days which were included in December 2016 post 22 Elf on The Shelf Ideas This year we decided to take it one step further by not only attempting the full 24 days (24 new ideas which I will post in December!) but creating a story around his arrival.

Each night before #TheBoy goes to bed he knocks on his fairy door that we painted. This is to let the fairies know they can come out now to play in his bedroom while he sleeps!

#TheBoys Paint Your Own Fairy Door

This in mind it was not hard to convince him that ‘Dougie The Elf’ would be sent through a magical door from Lapland by Father Christmas to keep an eye on him and report back as to whether he was being good. The Irish Fairy Door Company was the ideal choice for a door. As the doors are usually used by fairies I was unable to order a Christmas one, however I choose the green door as this seemed a more festive option:

Green Iris Fairy Door at £20

The box came with:

  • The wooden door
  • Fairy sized door key
  • A fairy lease agreement!
  • Stepping stones
  • Note pad
  • Colouring/ Instruction Book

We did have to customize a little with a snowflake to cover up the shamrock and some glitter found in the craft box! This said again I was impressed with what was included within the box. This particular door was £20. However the fun that a simple piece of wood can provide for an imaginative child makes it money well spent!

We told him Dougie went back each night to report, we missed the Royal Mail deadline for letter to Father Christmas so we asked Dougie to deliver it instead. The next morning #TheBoy was excited to see that Father Christmas had replied!

#TheBoys letter to Father Christmas and Father Christmas’ reply (delivered by Dougie)

Doors from The Irish Fair Door Company are well made. I recommend them if you have children who have a wild imagination. I believe that imagination should be encouraged as it allows for open minds, something that majority of society lacks in this day and age. The Irish Fair Door Company aims to ‘ balance experiences so that children can search online for inspiration but also in their own little minds’ The concept is a great balance between on and offline imagination. By registering your door  your children can adopt a fairy and see where they live online! To make it easy you could also download the app to tablets and phones.

According to The Irish Fairy Door  Company these are some of the benefits to owning a fairy door:

  • Self-expression – children are encouraged to make up stories and draw pictures for their fairies
  • Language skills – developed through note-writing and reading with family
  • Recognition – fairies love to praise and let their humans know how proud they are of their everyday hard work and achievements
  • Support – fairies have often been very supportive of lessons when a message is being delivered e.g. “I love it when your room is nice and tidy! It’s makes it much easier for me to come in and out through my door!’
  • Make and do – we provide weekly updates, some of which are make and do activities. Once you register your fairy, you receive a weekly email to help the whole family keep the magic flowing easily
  • Emotional topics – fairies are amazing at taking worries away and sometimes even help to grant wishes!

The door has now gone away until next year when he will understand even more. The door will again play a big part in our ‘Elf on The Shelf’ shenanigans. Tune in next December for ’24 Fresh Ideas for Elf on a Shelf’ featuring ‘The Irish Fair Door Company‘ please share with me how you have used your fairy doors!?

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  1. I love this company because a) I’m Irish b) their products really inspire kids c) my little man picked up their ‘worry tree’ from Santa this year and it’s great
    Lovely review and a great company.

  2. This is so adorable! My girls have a fairy door and they love it! I love the way that these things can really get their imaginations going! Thanks for linking up to #ThatFridayLinky

  3. This looks loads of fun and the fact that kids think it’s real is wonderful super post Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please

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