The Icing On The Cake! – ‘My Cup Cake Toppers’ Review

I was lucky enough to be selected to try out the huge range of products from #Theboy enjoys baking so this was a great excuse to bake some cakes! The website is really simple to navigate and delivery was fast. They were delivered in a non bending envelope.

There were so many different images to choose from as well as different materials. If the design you want isn’t there or you would like to personalize the cupcake toppers you can utilize their design service.

After some time searching I settled on the following:

Gruffalo, Premium Rice Paper uncut
Mickey Mouse Xmas Edible Icing
Burnley FC, Standard Rice Paper uncut
Harry Potter Houses, Rice Paper uncut
Toy Story, Standard Rice Paper precut
Christmas Premim Rice Paper precut

This all came to just under £15.

The next step was to bake some cakes, a huge problem for me as I don’t bake! I am a very keen cook, however once you know the basics of cooking there is no rules. Baking however is like chemistry and requires you to follow instructions to the letter, otherwise you end up with soggy bottoms! or burnt buns! So for this part I enlisted the help of my resident Mary Berry & Paul Hollywood.

Although Ashley’s methods are questionable (I’d use a mixing bowl to mix the ingredients) the cakes were very nice and #TheBoy couldnt wait to get his hands on them, but like all true kids (and big kids) he settled for licking the spoon!

Ashley ‘Marry Berry’ Lee
Oliver ‘Paul Hollywood’ Lee

As soon as I laid out the cake toppers #Theboy took great delight in pointing all the characters out to me. He has developed a strange obsession with Mickey Mouse, strange because he has never seen him other than on a pair of pjamas he has! So it did not surprise me he chose the Mickey Mouse ones first. I chose the edible icing option for these. The edible icing is slightly more expensive at £6.00 but it is money well spent if you are looking for neatness.The detail on the icing is brilliant and #Theboy identified Mickey Mouse straight away. I did not have any pipping icing to hand so we used icing sugar. Using this method, the edible icing molded to the shape of the cake. The other not suprising advantage of the edible icing was that it did not taste of paper! These ones are incredibly fiddley and I resorted to using a pallet knife to transfer them across (a little frustrating for #TheBoy who was desperate to help)



Next up was his second favorite…Toy Story! For these I ordered the pre cut Standard Rice Paper at £1.70. The disadvantage of the rice paper is that the paper can be very stiff, so it does not mold that well to the cakes.  However offering them as pre-cut meant #TheBoy could jump straight in (which he did by trying to stick the toppers on without any icing!) again the pictures were clear and recognize straight away.

The next ones were the Gruffalo (great for making jokes like ‘my favorite food is Gruffalo cake!’) These were Premium and uncut at £2.20. It did not take long to cut them, however I should have prepped them or ordered pre-cut as #Theboy began to get bored. Again he recognized them straight away. The premium rice paper was even stiffer so again we were only able to place them on top.

All of the cake toppers (with the exception of the edible icing) were robust enough to be picked up by #TheBoy and place them on himself.

Taking into to account my lack of skill for decorating cakes, these are great products. As you can see from the picture below the mickey mouse edible icing works the best and so I think it is well worth paying the £6.00, you get a good amount and they taste nicer too!


I will definitely look to buy some more cake toppers as they were ‘The Icing on the Cake’ to Ashley’s cooking!


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