The Dad Network Live 2017

On Saturday I had the absolute pleasure of attending The Dad Network Live 2017 at The Clubhouse London. I had been looking forward to it since I was unable to attend The Dad Network Live 2016. The event was to meet with Dads from right across the Network from Wimbledon to Scotland and participate in a range of workshops

London Arrival

Due to recent events I was not sure what I expected when I arrived at London. I have always loved the culture, history and tourism and I was glad to see that this was rife. After arriving at Waterloo station my journey took me up over the river, pass Charring Cross and through Trafalgar square, which was buzzing with activity! I suppose I was expecting London to be in shut down mode following the attacks. It was great to see it was ‘business as usual’

Trafalgar Square

after a quick lunch it was time for the main event…

The Main Event

I arrived at The Clubhouse London just after 12pm in time to help fill the 100+ goody bags! They consisted of everything from Lego models to Milton sterilising tablets! The day started with a welcome from the founder of The Dad Network Al Ferguson (Who along with wife Jen put together the event!) Then it was off to a choice of workshops which included:

  • Baby First Aid with Mini First Aid
  • Beer Tasting with Bombardier
  • Take better family photographs
  • Cooking with kids
  • Blogging 101

Blogging 101

Al Ferguson from ‘The Dad Network’ talks blogging and vlogging – Picture courtesy of ‘ NomadiDaddy

Such is my dedication to my followers as a blogger I prioritised the Blogging workshop to strengthen my blog. I met some great guys throughout the day such as fellow bloggers/ vloggers:

Nomadi Daddy

Fifty Grades of Shey

The workshop was run by Al Ferguson himself who, as well as being the founder of The Dad Network, also runs his own family vlog at it’s The Fergusons I received some really great blogging advice that I will be taking forward over the coming months to further improve my blog.

Beer tasting

Beer tasting with Bombardier – Hussar!


Lets be clear from the start, as we were limited to 25ml a beer this was definitely just beer tasting! I always thought I knew everything there was to know about beer, apparently I was wrong. We were guided by a ‘Beer Somellier’ from Bombardier. Like wine certain beers go with certain foods, for example the best beer for a curry is an IPA and stouts tend to pair with rich foods like steak and pies! Unfortunately there was a fair bit left over at the end of the day, which were crammed into the already full goody bags!

Mini First Aid

I was determined to attend this workshop as it is a subject I cannot believe is not covered on anti natal courses! It was a whisltle stop tour of baby and childrens first aid but provided some vaulable skills. The workshop was led by Joe Ellis-Gage who provides private sessions for as little as £20. A small price to pay to learn such important skills

The day ended with a meal at Strada where the networking continued into the night. I met so many great people and really made me proud to be part of this amazing support network! Thankyou to Al, Jen and all the admins/ ambassadors and local leaders who contribute to the running of The Dad Network

Great bunch of dads -Picture courtesy of Huw from The Dad Network

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