Studio1314 – A family photo shoot without the awkwardness!

One of my biggest hobbies is photography. I found that being a photographer meant I didn’t have to be the subject of photos. You can imagine how nervous I was when my wife came to me and said ‘I’ve won a Facebook competition with a local photographer for a family photo shoot prints with Studio 1314!’ this would normally be my idea of hell! All I could think about was the awkwardness of such a situation.

Not long after we booked, my wife received a call from Wayne Khan one of the photographers at the family owned business. They spoke at length about interests, the children’s interests, my interests including blogging. He also suggested that we bring along props for some fun informal photos. We had no idea what to include, we decided we wanted to get a nice photo of the boys as despite our efforts they tend to be too active for us to get one!

Around a week before the shoot I answered a call from him. He briefly spoke about the conversation with my wife. He asked if either of us played any musical instruments…I shamefully answered that I own a bass guitar that I have every intention of learning how to play but have yet to put this intention into action! He insisted I bring it! So we also decided to take The Worm’s guitar!

Happy family at Studio1314

When we arrived at the shoot and met Wayne in person all my fears of awkwardness were instantly diffused. We were greeted with one of the biggest smiles I had ever seen, we were greeted like old friends. He seemed in no hurry to get the shoot started let alone finish it! We were offered a drink and shown to a sofa to relax.

When the shoot got underway there was a brief moment of awkwardness when he told us to look lovingly into each others eyes (only a problem with an audience) but the awkwardness quickly disappeared as we were told to run at each other with the kids, the kids were laughing hysterically, which never ceases to make us feel happy.

He then got a great shoot The Wormand I with out guitars. Making me look as though I could be the next John Entwhistle! (Former Who Bassist) From the photo you would never know that I don’t have a musical note in my body!

Father and Son Guitars at Studio 1314

After the shoot we had to wait about a week for the photos to be edited. We made sure that we went on a day out eldest was at nursery to allow us to focus and make the right decision on three photos to keep. However there was so many fantastic photos. We were again shown to a comfy sofa and watched a slide show of the photos with suggestions of how we could display them. After some debate and compromising we settled on the three photos you see in the post.

Boys photo shoot at Studio1314

We were lucky enough to win a competition and receive a print for free. This said we did ended buying an additional print as we couldn’t decide between all the amazing photos. Although there services and products may seem a little costly I 100% believe you get what you pay for with Studio 1314. The professionalism, relaxed atmosphere and end product is definitely money well spent if you are after some great family photos (Even if you are not normally a fan of being in front of a camera)

This said The Monster is not afraid of being in front of a camera and returned a few months latter for ‘The Lemon Face Challenge’ The challenge involves giving a slice of lemon too a baby who has never tasted lemon! sounds cruel…but Harry didn’t seem to mind (That is until my wife squeezed some of it into his mouth!) this is why the photo is back to front and starts with the Lemon Face!

Lemon Face Challenge at Studio 1314

The best thing about ‘The Lemon Face Challenge is that it is  completely free! keep an eye out for dates on STUDIO1314 Facebook page

Studio 1314 is located in East Stratton between Basingstoke and Winchester, why not visit and get some great family photos of your own (without the awkwardness!)

Twin Mummy and Daddy

What My Fridge Says



  1. Awww these are gorgeous photos and so good that the photographer put you at ease so that there was no awkwardness at all. You can really tell from the photos how happy and relaxed the shoot was so they are certainly ones to treasure! #thesatsesh

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