Paint Your Own Fairy Door! (Gifts Your Kids Didn’t know They Needed!)

Taking delivery…

I was very excited and grateful having been selected by ‘The Irish Fairy Door Company’ to review one of their new products; The ‘Paint your own door!’ When it comes to birthdays and Christmas, I have always been a fan of the random presents that would never have been guessed, but end up being the most entertaining! The ‘Paint Your Own Fairy Door’ definitely falls into this category.

A soon as it arrived in the post, Oliver ( My 2 year old son)  was there wanting to see what it was. He was instantly drawn to the bright colours of the box as I took it out of the delivery box. We told him that ‘We will paint the door, put it in his room and the fairy’s can come out and play!’ He loved the idea of this and couldn’t wait to get started!

I was expecting the box to just contain the door, paints and paint brushes. Inside the box was:

  • The wooden door
  • Paints
  • Paint Brush
  • Sticker Decals
  • Fairy sized door key
  • A fairy lease agreement!
  • Stepping stones
  • Note pad
  • Colouring/ Instruction Book
  • Felt tip pens

Getting Started…

I do think Oliver would have preferred a better range of paints. The box and the wider fairy world available online (I shall come to this later!) looks fairly unisex, however the colours (with the exception of red and blue) included looked more feminine. It took him a long time to decide which colours to use and eventually settled on blue and purple. Oliver started off by painting the door with minimal help from Daddy, However once the door had dried I started work on the frame.  I found there was only just enough paint in the pots provided to cover both the door and frame (On hindsight you do not have to paint the back!)

Concentrating faces!

Oliver was so excited he wanted to put the stickers on straight away! Other than some tears he was very patient waiting for the paint to dry. This said the paint is fairly quick drying and was touch dry in just under 40 minutes.

Sticker Time!

Obviously I had to help him stick the stickers on as his lack of  fine motorskills meant that he was unable to peel the back off the stickers and place them. He did however show me where he wanted to place them and I stuck them down. We then headed up to his bedroom to ‘install’ the door. The fun didn’t end there!

‘Fred’s’ Home

Additional fun…

The colouring book doubles up as an instruction manual for the next stage. You see, when you buy a door from ‘The Irish Fairy Door Company’ you aren’t just buying a piece of wood, You are buying a portal into fairyland. Fairyland can be seen by registering your door at using the registration code supplied within the box. Here you create a fairy persona, we named ours Freddie! (Oliver had to go to bed and my wife isn’t very imaginative!) You can then download the app to your phone and get to know you fairy through the interactive experience. Oliver is a big fan of colouring so with the activity book we have another days activity.


This product is marketed at £25 although this sounds steep I do feel it is a lot of activity for the money. This is a great gift for years 2+ boys and girls. Hopefully you have found this balanced review helpful. Weighing up I would definitely recommend as an alternative gift. ‘The Paint Your Own Fairy Door’ can be purchased at

In the lead up to Christmas I plan to review some more’Gifts Your Kids Didn’t Know They Needed!’

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