Oliver’s Top 5 Books!

Books are a huge part of our family life. We started reading to both Oliver and Harry before they were even born! The bedtime story is now embedded in the bedtime routine. However Oliver (2.5 years old) is now of an age where he knows his own mind. He now chooses his bedtime story and will be fixated on one for several nights! He has over 25 books but will always return to the same five, which can be frustrating. However if you are looking for new books here are Oliver’s top 5…

5) Owl Babies

untitledThis is the story of ‘Sarah and Percy and Bill.’ Whilst their ‘Owl Mother’ is our hunting they sit on a branch and await her return. The book itself is OK, however I don’t think the sentences flow very well making it difficult to read aloud for example the repetitive use of the word ‘and’. This said it does give great opportunity for different voices to be used for each of the owls! This was one of my wife’s favorites so read it to him a lot when he was younger, which is probably why he chooses it now! We always make a point when we have finished reading a book of going back through it with Oliver and asking him questions like ‘Where is the Owls eyes?’ ‘Show me the leaves?’ The illustrations within this book are clear enough for him to point them out.

4) Guess How Much I Love You

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This book was a birthday present to Oliver from his ‘Auntie Dannii’ complete with a personal message to him. It tells the story of ‘Little Nut Brown Hare’ going to bed and telling ‘Big Nut Brown Hare’ How much he loves him. It is a nice story and I find myself whispering the last line ‘I love right up to the moon, and back’ as if I am expecting Oliver to fall asleep the same as ‘Little Nut Brown Hare’. There is a lot of dialogue in the book, so chance for a couple of voices! The illustrations are very detailed and give a lot of opportunities for ‘Where are the…?’ and ‘show me the…?’ If I am honest I would never have bought this book had I seen it on a bookshop shelf. I am indebted to ‘Auntie Dannii’ as the read count is well into double figures!

3) The Gruffalo’s Child


Or should this be ‘The Grugalo ild’ as it is Olvier’s top 5! This follows on from ‘The Grugalo’ The Gruffalo’s Child goes on an adventure searching for ‘The Big Bad Mouse’ on the way he encounters a snake, an owl and a fox. With so many characters this book is great for the budding impressionist offering lots of opportunities for voices. This said due to the TV adaptation it is difficult not to try to mimic the voice of John Hurt (voice of the Owl) or Rob Brydon! (Voice of the snake) The rhyming in this book makes it very easy to read. There are plenty of opportunities for ‘Where are the…?’ Oliver’s favorite part of the  is when she caches up with ‘The Big Bad Mouse’ where inevitably we will have to shout ‘THE BIG BAD MOUSE!’


2) The Grugalo….Sorry The Gruffallo


In all honesty Oliver probably would rank this the same as the sequel but for me it has the edge. The Mouse is out for a walk and creates ‘The Gruffalo’ to stop himself being eaten by Owl Snake and Fox, however to his surprise ‘The Gruffalo is real!’ There is more mystery around the Graffalo and a lot more recipe ideas with ‘Scramble snake’ and ‘Owl Ice Cream!’ A family favorite dessert of ours is ‘Gruffalo Crumble’ (we have been known to use fruit inside when Gruffalo is not available!) Again lots of opportunities for voices and ‘Where are the…?’ I have to admit this is one of my favorite books as well and possibly the only one in this list that I do not tire of reading.


1)Monsters Love Under Pants



Without a doubt Oliver’s favorite. There are quite a few in the series including ‘Aliens Love Underpants’ ‘Pirates Love Underpants’ Dinosaurs Love Underpants’ you get the idea! There isn’t really a story line, the content is basically rhyming why ‘Monsters Love Underpants’ The book flows well and is great for him to identify body features regardless of what type of creature they are on. The line ‘Their pants clad bottoms jig and jive, till someone yells out STOP!’ causes much hilarity as we all have to shout it out!

Please share your views on these books and your children’s favourite books in the comments. We are always looking out for different books to read in the hope he fixates on a different five for a while!



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