Not Going Out – Beer 52 Case Subscription Review

As any regular readers of my blog will see I love being a father. I personaly consider it to be an extremely rewarding role. This said I do sometimes think back to my lifestyle before I had children. like many parents I enjoyed going to the pub, meeting with friends and reminiscing about school, college and old jobs over a beer. With the growing popularity of social media, I have still been able to chat and keep up to date with my friends, however I have not had the time or money to go out of evening to meet with them. When I am able to go out my poison most of the time is traditional cask ales. Ales are making a come back but it is slow and a lot of pubs stock one house and one guest ale, so not a lot of choice! I am aware bottles are sold in supermarkets, however, these are mostly the same and do not offer a lot of variety. Since having my children I make the most of my evenings watching trashy television and socializing through social media. It is because of the new lifestyle I love the concept of Beer 52

Beer 52 Is a company that delivers a case of ale right to your doorstep, EVERY MONTH! The beers they deliver come in a choice of light or dark and according to their website a ‘team of experts sample hundreds of beers every month to select the most exciting and diverse range beers’ for the case. This way the excitement of guest ales can live on in your own home!


I was luckily enough to receive their Christmas case to sample. Delivery was fast and quick with Yodel. The case was a mixture of light and dark ales (Whilst there is light ale and mixed ale cases, currently there is no option for a complete case of dark ale). Perfect for my sofa bound beer festival! There was only one beer that was not to my taste but with such a selection I didn’t loose any sleep over it.

In the case I also received a copy of ‘Ferment’ their monthly magazine and a packet off ‘munchy seeds chilli bites’ (I was not a fan of the seeds, they were not a substitute for a packet of dry roasted nuts!) The magazine has great articles everything from Weird Beer (this month featured ‘Bottom Sniffer – Beer For Dogs!’) to a break down of beers within this months case among many other beer related articles.


The monthly subscription is £24 for 8 beers (£3 a bottle) or £29 for 10 beers (£2.90 a bottle) both work out considerably cheaper than the average £3.90 in a pub (Although the bottles are a little less than a pint) If you pay for 3, 6 or 12 months you can even get it for £21 a month which equates to £2.62 a beer! and if that was not tempting enough I have also been given an exclusive discount code for you which is FATHERLEE10 this will give you a further £10 off!

Initially I thought the subscription was an expensive way of buying beer, however if you enjoy a couple of beers a week (Well within recommended guidelines) the subscription amounts to roughly the same and as a bonus you get to try some different brews! and best of all the hard work of selecting the beers is done for you! To order head to and don’t forget to use the discount code FATHERLEE10



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