Its Still a Hoot Hoot at Paultons Park

Peppa Pig World

My wife and I love theme parks. We can’t wait to share this love with our kids. We sparked their enthusiasm early by taking them to Peppa Pig World at Paultons Park ( Its been a long time since the days of ‘Its a Hoot Hoot at Paultons park!’ !) Both the Worm and the Monster love Peppa Pig, so much so this was our 3rd visit to Peppa Pig World! (One trip was free for the Worm as we paid online and was informed on arrival as he was under a metre he was free! So was given an extra ticket)

Following the two visits, last week the Worm asked on a daily basis ‘can we go to Peppa pig world today?’ He would frequently look longingly at the park map we had saved. He even had a conversation with his nursery teachers about it! Therefore when my niece  and nephew  and their grandparents (My outlaws) came to stay there was only one choice for a family day out. My nephew had never been to a theme park, Paultons Park was the perfect introduction. So off I went with:

  • My Wife
  • The Worm
  • The Monster
  • Neice
  • Nephew
  • ‘Nanny’
  • ‘Grandad’
  • ‘Grandma’

Expensive Day Out?

Initially I thought that it was an expensive day out at £27.25 a ticket (£31.75 if bought on the day) This said we were there for opening time and left just before closing time so it really was a full day out! you can find advanced tickets here:

Initially we split into two groups as not all the rides were age appropriate for he monster and the Worm. Grandparents, the Monster and the Worm headed off to Peppa Pig World, while My Wife, nephew and neice and I headed for ‘Cobra’…

Ready for Cobra

Over the next few hours I was swung, dropped, raced backwards and forward on the majority of the rides that the park had to offer. The new Dinosaur area has some great new rides. My favourite part was meeting a ‘real life’ dinosaur!

Paultons Park
‘Real Life Dinosaur!’

We met back up with the rest of the family in Peppa Pig World to go on some rides with the Worm and the Monster. The park provides lockers so we were able to store our food in here until we were ready for our picnic. It would have been easier to buy food straight from the park (However with so many mouths to feed and a bacon roll costing £4.00 this wouldn’t have been an option)

A first for Oliver….

This time as one big group we left Peppa Pig World and headed for the rest of the park. I was lucky enough to take the Worm on a few bigger rides including the ‘Raging River’ log flume (Which he only just reached the minimum height for!) The sheer look of joy on his face in this picture is enough to put a smile on the face of the most grumpiest person!

Raging River
Oliver’s first Log Flume

I hated the shop, but that is because I am a parent. I overheard someone say ‘this is a dream for kids and a nightmare for parents’ – I couldn’t have put it better myself! The shop is jammed packed full of toys, everything from Peppa Pig to a windup dinosaur. In the end the Worm bought an Ambulance and we bought a windup chatting dinosaur for the Mosnter! Although the shop is well stocked, prices were high.

In summary I think Paultons Park makes a great day out! Just don’t expect the cost to end after you have paid for your tickets.

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  1. Ahhhhh this takes me back to when we visited last year – I was really impressed with Paultons Park in general and wasn’t expecting that as had only focussed on Peppa Pig World initially! I smiled at the comment about the shop – yes ‘a dream for kids and a nightmare for parents’ sums it up very well! #thesatsesh

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