‘Illuminight’ – Solution for Babies Who Sleep Better in Daylight!

When Oliver was born we struggled getting him to sleep for his daytime naps. We tried everything but found in the end that he would sleep better at night time. This led to us buying a blackout blind, the change was instant.

When Harry was born we had a very different problem. From one extreme to the other Harry tends to sleep better during the day than at night . Although he has a night light, the artificial light does not appear to have enough of a calming effect to send him off to sleep.

I spent many hours looking for anything to help us. I was not sure what I was searching for and tried many search topics. I eventually stumbled upon this website: http://www.illuminight.co.uk Illuminight are a Birmingham based company that provide an innovative solution to a problem faced by many parents.

Illuminight manufacture the unique ‘light up blind’ for those babies who sleep better during the day time. The blind is fitted with a membrane of led lights that simulate sunlight. The blind appeasr and hang as any other blind and work o a pulley chord system. It is battery and mains operated (10 x AA Bateries not included)

The first night we installed the blind was amazing. For the first time Harry slept through the night with no problems. The grainy picture on our webcam baby monitor became as clear as daylight making it easier for us to keep an eye on him.

Harry Sleeping using the Lite1 light up blind

I was so impressed with the results that I contacted Illuminight to discuss writing a review. Inventor and managing director Andy Lite said ‘I spent many years researching the varying factors affecting babies and sleep patterns along side Professer A. Bulb – (PHD LED) of Birmingham University, we discovered the positive affect that day light can have on children’s sleep. At Illumingiht we aim to find a solution to a simple problem faced by many parents’

I bought a blind from the ‘Lite1’ range retailing at £21.99 this model uses transparent material to save on electricity during the day. It also comes with limited addition fibre optic pull chord to really light up your child’s bedroom. Over all this is a great product for anyone needing a creative innovative way to deal with those dark nights!

Happy 1st of April…

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  1. My twin girls were terrible sleepers as babies this sounds perfect could of done with it then Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please

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