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For this review I have brought back ‘the panel’ So helpful were they in reviewing jokes for The Dad Joke Awards it was a no brainier to bring them back to help review ‘Hey, that’s my fish’ my nephew Corben and  niece Amelia (both 10 years old) have spent the week with us and we have had great fun playing variations of the game!

My Nephew and Niece playing Hey That's My Fish
‘The Panel’

The packaging comes compact making it an ideal travel game. The illustrations are bright colorful and funny. As soon as I took of  the postage packing I was filled with a sense of excitement to get started.

Game Box
Hey That’s My Fish

The box contains, game instructions, 16 plastic penguins: 4 green, 4 red, 4 blue and 4 yellow and tiles with varying numbers of fish.

Game Board Help That's My Fish
Ice Flow Tiles
Figures Help That's My Fish
Game Counters

Once all the tiles had been separated it was time to set up the game. The idea of the game is simple: using your team of penguins  (all one color) collect as many fish as you can by jumping from one ice flow to the other!

Of course there are rules to every game and theese are supplied. But basicly you can only move one tile at a time when it’s your go, and not jump several at once.

Of course there was the initial squabble about who was going to be what color! Not that it matters in the grand scheme of things…but I’ve yet to see a disagreement between them this week that did matter! (Having a 3 and 1 year old myself I’ve yet to get caught up in the world of 10 year old politics)

Help That's My Fish
Game Play

I then had to explain the instructions to them several times before we could start. Then finally game time. Both enjoyed the game. It was fun and educational as players were required to use maths to count their fish at the end of the game to ascertain the winner. The game also requires strategic thinking similar to chess, the way to win is to plan your route across the ice flows to block off other players.

Both Corben and Amelia really enjoyed the game, so much so we played it several times whilst they were staying with us. We all agreed that set up was time consuming and fiddly and the game doesn’t last that long. This said we managed to make the game last longer by reducing the penguins on our team. I think they both struggled to understand the rules, however I think I didn’t help with this as I try to interpret the rules rather than read them verbatim. It was also pointed out by Amelia at the end of the game that despite racing for the larger numbers of fish, not once did anyone shout ‘Hey That’s my Fish!’

I also tried to play with my 3 year old son, Oliver. We had to tweak the rules to allow him to jump more than one ice flow at a time, this seemed to work well for him. Oliver also had  to utilize his fine motor skills to pick up the individual tiles without messing up the board.

You can buy ‘Hey That’s my Fish’ on Amazon for £9.99 here great family game for any age!

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  1. I suck so bad at chess, so I’ll assume that my kid will win. EVERYTIME =) so, funny, I tried to submit my comment and it keeps telling me I’m spamming you…wahhhhh. trying to leave our hashtag from The Saturday Sesh. Apologies if you get 3 comments from me.

  2. #thesatsesh Oh i love a boar game (to my families horror), i think its because i was an only child so someone had to play with me. Do they do a bigger version? or is it just a travel game? i like the idea of being able to vary the game for different ages. How long does it take to get through a whole game? i hate the ones that drag lol

    • Unfortunately just a small size. First time we played the game was over in 10 minutes but then we took some of the playing figures away and lasted 30 minutes! Very versatile game!

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