Easy X Rider Review

Biker Granddad with Easy X Rider

It wasn’t long after we found out about my second child my wife started the search for double prams. Oliver is 2 and 3 months and is a fairly confident walker; however he does have selective hearing. This is particulaly apparent when near roads. Therefore there are still times when he is best strapped in! Oliver looks up to his Grandad who is a proud biker, so it was important he had a ride with a little street cred! Luckily we found the Easy X Rider Review

The Easy X Rider

I hadn’t planned to take out a loan to pay for having another child. Most decent double prams are between £300-£3000 so this was beginning to seem like my only option! Then my Wife showed me the Easy X Rider IV from www.hottots.co.uk a buggy board with a difference…It appeared to be a bar stall with a mini bucket seat from a racing car on top! Being a fraction of the cost at £89.99 I agreed to give it a go (More out of curiosity if I am honest!)


It arrived and we arranged to pick up Oliver’s old pram which had been stored at my mums. When we unpacked the X Rider it looked even stranger than it did online. I envisaged it being fairly high; however it only comes up level with the top of the pram. It was really easy to put together. It attached to the pram with quick release hooks so that it could be removed when not in use. Oliver jumped on without prompting and we were unable to coax him off for the rest of the evening.

Of course ‘the proof of the pudding would be in the eating.’ When Harry arrived our first trip out was to the health visitor then for a cheeky drink at the pub. This was the first time the X Rider had been properly road tested. It fits perfectly into the boot of my 2004 Ford Focus with the pram (Though does not leave a lot of room for much else) We attached it all and sat Oliver in position. The height was just right for him to see his brother. We told him we needed him to watch and look after Harry (Which he was very pleased about).

When my wife pushed off due to the 2 wheels at the rear, Oliver jolted back, This put me in the mind of a roller coaster starting out! But after the initial shock Oliver got use to his new wheels. However we were not prepared for all the attention we attracted with strangers asking a lot of questions and commenting on how cool it looks.

This is an excellent product that is endorsed by Grandad and would recommend to anybody in a similar predicament to us!

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