Dobble: An Evening of Entertainment!

Dobble Card Game

Dobble: An Evening of Entertainment! – Family card game. I have always enjoyed playing new games. Unfortunately they tend not to make them like they used to! I long for the feeling of excitement like in my youth when they brought out a new ‘top trumps’ set, or as my mum or dad started to deal out the ‘Uno’ cards. However this feeling returned when we was lucky enough to receive ‘Dobble’ to review.


Inside the box is a handy small storage tin (the main 2 advantages of the size of the tin is it doesn’t take up a lot of room at home and can easily join you on holiday for a rainy day).

Dobble Tin Contents

Inside the tin is the cards and instructions for suggested mini games. The pictures on the cards are bright and very clear. I am not a huge fan of ‘traditional’ looking games and these definitely break the mold with their circular design.

How To Play

‘Dobble is a frantic card game of speed observation and reflexes for all the family! Players race to be the first to spot a matching pair of symbols between one card and another, shout it out, then claim or discard a card depending on which of the 5 mini games they are playing. Images on the cards themselves vary in size, sometimes making it difficult to find a match. Although a deck of card contains 55 cards, 1 out of the 8 symbols will always correspond with a symbol on any other card in the deck.

Dobble Cards
Playing Dobble

The best way to describe Dobble is Extreme Snap! There are many different ways to play Dobble. As soon as my 3 year old saw the box he wanted to play. The recommended age is 6+ so it was anyone’s guess how he would take to it. We decided to play snap as I knew he had an understanding of this game. Using Dobble cards meant he had to really look for the matches and say what they were. This really helped contribute to his on going development as you could really hear the cogs turning in his head! Like any 3 year old it is difficult to keep his attention majority of the time, however this game of snap lasted a good 30 minutes.

Test 2

The second test didn’t go so well:  I took the cards into work to play with my work colleagues during my lunch break. We played 2 out of the 5 mini games before their boredom set in. My colleagues said that all though it was a fun game they felt that the 2 games we played were too similar and were not convinced that there could be many variations.

I then played my Wife. We went through all the mini games and awarded points for each mini game completed (She won 4:1!) We actually had an awesome evening and could not stop laughing (partly because each time we saw a ghost we felt the need to state it in a ‘Joey’ like fashion (Friends fans will get the reference!) As you move up the 5 mini games they begin to change and become a little hard and intense and earning points for each mini game as part of a larger game give it a new dimension.

Despite the negative comments from my work colleagues, I really like this game. It provided us with an evenings entertainment and will likely provide us with many more! And at an RRP of £12.99 that aint to bad! You can purchase your own set of cards here.

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  1. We have double, both the kids version and the adult one. We love it, so do our kids. It’s so much fun! Thanks for linking up to #ThatFridayLinky

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