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'What is and will always be, my greatest creation, is you'- Howard Stark to son Tony Stark (Iron Man 2)

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5 Top Tips For Being a Stingy Dad!

Unfortunately we live in uncertain times. Everyone has their own views on the current financial climate and how brexit will pan out. The fact is that the majority of us will feel the effects on our finances. I see so… Continue Reading →

A Man’s Guide To Dealing With The Effects Of Aging

As guys, we don’t tend to think about age that much. Then, one day, we reach our thirties and bang, it hits us. We start thinking about getting old and what will happen to us as we get older. It… Continue Reading →

Ditch The Video Games – Unwind Like You Used To

As Dads, any free time we can get hold of needs to be used effectively. Working a full-time job, keeping on top of home maintenance and making sure you’re spending enough time with your family sucks the hours from your… Continue Reading →

Baby Challenges: Solving the Subject of Sleep

Sleep is the one huge challenge that most parents with babies face. Everyone secretly (or not so secretly) hates that one couple with the newborn who started sleeping through the night immediately. For a long time, sleep can be a… Continue Reading →

#MySundayPhoto – 3 Wise Monkeys

  This weekend we visited the Northern contingent of our family. Worm Boy loved playing with his cousins though they do make a VERY mischievous team! maximum age of 3 and the attitude of 16!

Sarah’s Super Foods – Sticky Caramel Popcorn

Popcorn has to be one of my all time favourite snack foods I can eat so much of it in one sitting! This month sarah offers us an alternative recipe that is free from gluten, dairy and refined sugar. Instead uses healthy substitutes… Continue Reading →

Fathers Day Reflection – 5 Things My Dad Taught Me

Unfortunately my dad died back in 2013. For the past four fathers day I always find msyelf thinking about him, thinking about the skills and vallues I learnt from him and how I intend to pass them on to Oliver and… Continue Reading →

The Dad Network Live 2017

On Saturday I had the absolute pleasure of attending The Dad Network Live 2017 at The Clubhouse London. I had been looking forward to it since I was unable to attend The Dad Network Live 2016. The event was to… Continue Reading →

Easy Hacks To Make DIY Easier For A Busy Family

There comes a time when house improvements are needed. It might be that you have left a room years without completing any changes. And now is the time to give it a spruce. Or you might be thinking of getting… Continue Reading →

Fatherly Fun For Daring Dads

Being a dad is all about adventure. From learning how to look after your children to exploring the world with them; this is a very exciting part of life. Of course, it will always have it’s ups and downs. But,… Continue Reading →

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