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'What is and will always be, my greatest creation, is you'- Howard Stark to son Tony Stark (Iron Man 2)

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Liebster Award

My blogging journey has been a strange one as back in June 2016 I didn’t even understand what blogging was. I always worry about my content and how it sounds, which is why I was extremely honoured to here I… Continue Reading →

Back to The Feature Part VI – Becci Davis

This week Becci speaks to herself at 27 offering solid advice for the troubling times ahead…

Paint Your Own Fairy Door! (Gifts Your Kids Didn’t know They Needed!)

Paint Your Own Fairy Door! (Gifts Your Kids Didn’t know They Needed!) When it comes to birthdays and Christmas, I have always been a fan of the random presents that would never have been guessed, but end up being the most entertaining! The ‘Paint Your Own Fairy Door’ definitely falls into this category


Thursday we went to Paultons Park. This was Oliver’s first  experience of Roller Coasters and he absolutely loved it! Looking forward to some more ‘hardcore’ rides when he is older!

Back To The Feature Part V -ME!

It was only a matter of time before I would have a crack! For those who are not aware I am 29 (30 in December) so it is the perfect time for me to look at the last 12 years. My blog… Continue Reading →

5 Cbeebies Characters to Have In your Group Come the Zombie Apocalypse!

Don’t lie, we have all thought this at some point in our parental lives! With Halloween and season 7 of the ‘Walking Dead’ approaching (the only thing I really watch other than children’s TV!) I have put what some may see as an unhealthy amount of thought into it…

My #SundayPhoto

Not the best quality photo this week but I love the content. My mum came for dinner and had ‘Nanny cuddles’ with my youngest, Harry. Both my kids are lucky to have such a great set of Grandparents!

The 12 Months of Christmas!

When I started blogging I did not want it to become an outlet for my rants…however… This post was going to go out in November, however I am already feeling the pain of commercial Christmas. Don’t get me wrong I… Continue Reading →

Harry’s Feeding Frenzy!

Majority of the time I consider myself to be one of the luckiest men alive, then I remember that most of my friends without babies have a relatively stress free life! We have been worried about my 13 week old… Continue Reading →


Just a quick one… Since creating my blog little less than a month ago, interest has continued to grow. My Facebook page www.facebook.com/fatherleemoments has played a vital role in this. It was exciting when I realized I was not far off… Continue Reading →

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