Why I Joined The Dad Network...

So let me set the scene…A man goes into a garden center and becomes aware that his 2 year old son needs his nappy changed. Upon finding the¬†loos he finds […]


Thought I would jump on the band wagon with Czym the #SundayPhoto. To kick things of today Oliver saw one of his favorite books come back to life when he […]

Hay Fever - The Silent Killer

Over the last couple of days I have felt like a pretty rubbish father and husband. I have felt really ill and a little short tempered. The reason for this […]

The Dad Joke Award

I remember being a child and cringing every time my Dad used the same jokes over and over again. For a child this is the most embarrassing and annoying thing […]

Easy X Rider Review

It wasn’t long after we found out about my second child my wife started the search for double prams. Oliver is 2 and 3 months and is a fairly confident […]