#MySundayPhoto – Caterpillar Music

at caterpillar music catching bubbles

My choice of photo this week is from Friday’s session of Caterpillar music  Whilst we sung ‘bath time songs’ #TheBoy played with all the sponges and rubber ducks while #CurlyWoo laid on his back to watch the bubbles! Both of my kids absolutely love it. This is where we have learnt many of the songs a nursery rhymes that have become their favorites. #TheBoy recently keeps on insisting ‘I have to dance’ and this is an excellent place for him too do it! It is great for stimulating their minds. There are classes all over the country just head to the above link.

Our local class in Basingstoke is run by Jasmine McCarthy and I highly recommend. She also runs parties, you can find details on the FB page here: https://www.facebook.com/CaterpillarMusicBasingstoke/?fref=ts



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