Fathers Day Reflection – 5 Things My Dad Taught Me

Father and Son

Fathers Day Reflection – 5 Things My Dad Taught Me: Unfortunately my dad died back in 2013. For the past four fathers day I always find msyelf thinking about him, thinking about the skills and vallues I learnt from him and how I intend to pass them on to Oliver and Harry.

1) everything has a beginning and end

He was saying this long before Morpheus in the matrix! He explained to me how when he and his brother went to arrange my grandad’s funeral, the vicar new the family…they ended up having a laugh and sharing stories about him. unbeknown to me but sharing these stories my dad was pepaparing me for his death. Whilst I am upset he isn’t around anymore, I am happy that he lived a full life.
You cannot stop death, but you can celebrate life!

2) Always take your glass back to the bar

Pubs are slowly dying out along with pub ettiqute. It may seem like a pointless task. But remember that time when you had to wait 15 minutes too be served at the pub? I have no doubt the bar staff were collecting glasses. Having spoken to many friends who work in bars I know that it is appreciated. Its like the old fashion saying ‘you scratch my back ill scratch yours!’

3) Scouts is what prepared me for the army and for life

Scouts is one of the big things that my dad and I had in common. It is Scouts that according to my dad, prepared him with the outdoor and discipline skills to see him through the army. Although I never joined the army I have learnt many life skills and continue to be heavily involved as an assistant scout leader passing on these skills.

4) Shiny Shoes Shiny Mind

Shoe polish is a smell that reminds me off my childhood! If my dad was watching was sat in the lounge, he would undoubtably be ‘bulling’ his boots/shoes. It is no eexaggeration that you could clearly see your face in them! The reason he spent so long on them was his belief that if you do not have pride in your appearance, who will? Self confidence starts with you…

5) cooking – making something from nothing

All though I do majority of the cooking on my days off , my dad didn’t do alot. When he cooked it was an event. He would experiment with what was to hand in the kitchen. This stemed from his army days when he would cook whilst on manoeuvres using what rations they had available to make tasty meals… a simple example is cheesy beans! (Melting grated cheddar cheese into regular baked beans) I now love experimenting with cooking and often try different creations out on my wife and kids.
This fathers day please spend some time thinking about what you have learnt from your parents and how you can pass on to your children . Feel free to post in the comments below.
 Twin Mummy and Daddy

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