2016 A Year on Instagram

This post has been inspired by a fellow blogger I stumbled across http://www.lifewithbabykicks.com/2016/12/2016-year-photographs.html Having read this I have started to think that Instagram is a very under used tool. A lot of the photos I post on there tend to be ‘fun at the time’ and I often think that to my Instagram followers there are just ‘another photo of the kids!’ However reviewing m 2016 photos have bought back memories of the past year! I would like to share with you some of my favorites…


My faves from this year I imagine will be much the same, watching #Theboy play with the toys received from Father Christmas, family and friends. He has been just as spoilt as last year! Thank you!


My family name maybe Lee but my only connection to china is I love Chinese food so Chinese New Year is a great excuse! This month I also saw this guy on TV raising awareness about dad friendly changing areas and The Dad Network…as you will be aware from  previous posts getting involved in The Dad Network has changed my life!



This year we welcomed my second son Harry AKA #Curlywoo into the world. We prepared early by buy getting Oliver his own doll so that he could get used to having a baby around. The second photo I chose from March I chose just because I find it hilarious!

The Guinness reminds me of a few things. firstly the anniversary of my stag party! secondly I posted to raise a toast to Paul Daniels who has past away, 2016 was a crazy year for celebrity deaths my thoughts continue to be with all the families and friends. Lastly a picture of my Easter egg!


I grew peas for the first time this year along with many other vegetables, some more successful than others. I have learnt a lot about gardening and look forward to put this to practice in 2017


Obligatory first BBQ of the year photo…enough said!


All of these photos from June represent how much I love being a father and how important the father figures in my life are. Unfortunately my Dad passed away in 2013 but hes memory lives on through me. I am fortunate enough to have a great in laws and  grandparents for my children and can see 3 potential new bikers!


On the 8th of July we welcomed Harry aka #curlywoo into the world, fatherhood has to be the best feeling in the world and word cannot describe how much I love both of my children. The second photo shows quality time spent with #The Boy strawberry picking (actually my first time!) This month I was also lucky enough to meet one of my heroes Brian Turner, genuinely a great man.


More quality time spent with #TheBoy creating these works of art to start his gallery and seeing ‘In The Night Garden Live’ Love seeing the smile on his face! Also love seeing a nice bit of meat crackling over a BBQ


I never believed anybody who said ‘when you have children time will go quickly…’ but its true! I couldn’t believe that my eldest was going to nursery. We also celebrated my mums birthday, a truly remarkable woman who I owe a lot too. Lastly Oliver got to meet one of his heros!


The first picture was taken a little earlier in the year but features in #MySundayPhoto I do not know where I would be with out Ashley by my side ‘behind every great man there is a woman rolling her eyes’. Another first was #TheBoy and his first attempt at pumpkin carving (his on the left!)

Waited so long for my Marvel fix, if you have seen it I do not have to tell you why this photo is included, if you haven’t seen it do it now! The second picture has become something of a family tradition to sit down and watch the ‘Festival of Remembrance’  Remembrance day means a lot to me to find out why please read this archived post from November: http://www.fatherleemoments.com/inside-my-thoughts/what-does-remembrance-mean-to-you/


This Christmas was very special for my wife and I, as it was our first Christmas with #Curlywoo and the first year #TheBoy understood. This was the first time #TheBoy met Father Christmas. Watching them play on Christmas morning was nothing short of magical!

Well that concludes my round up of 2016 in Instagram photos. I will of course be doing the same for 2017, however for a sneak peak follow me on Instagram: @fatherlee1

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