Meet the family…



Not a lot to be said about me, basically father of 2 husband of 1 with too many hobbies, blogging being one of them. Looking to share the fun and hard side of parenting one tantrum at a time (Occasionally the kids have tantrums too!)



‘Behind every great man there’s a woman rolling her eyes’ – (Bruce Almighty) and I’m no exception! Ashley, being fiercely outnumbered, has the patience of a saint! She is my best friend and can often be found embracing her Northern heritage by cooking up a hotpot or drinking mugs of gravy! (Made the last bit up but she is amazing though!)


The Worm is our first born. Looking at the world through his eyes is refreshing. When I get my head around the endless questions, I take pride in having such an inquisitive son. A cheeky chappy guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face!

The Monster is our very own littleĀ ‘Negan’ he most definitely rules the roost! He has a love for life, adventure and climbing, pretty sure he thinks he was a mountain goat in a previous life. Another with an infectious smile!

As yet untitled