Thought’s on the 13th Doctor…It’s a Woman!

The News

Slightly off Topic with this one but I felt that I couldn’t not comment on Sundays revelation. I happen to be a huge Doctor Who fan (though I prefer the term whovian) However since Peter Capaldi took over as The Doctor I feel the show has gone downhill (this is supported by decreasing stats) When Capaldi was announced I was excited. He showed promise of being a worthy successor. To be fair I don’t think it’s his fault. I think it’s down to the writer’s. I’ve always been a fan of former head writer’s Steven Moffat’s work, ever since I first saw Coupling.
When he took over from head writer Russel T Davis I was ecstatic and it stood to reason he wanted to put his own stamp on the show by introducing one of his actors in the lead role. Matt Smith went onto become my favourite doctor! (controversial I know!)

The Problem

However this relationship never existed between Capaldi and Moffat. I feel that the writer’s have let him down with story lines such as emoji robots and puddle monsters! The season finale showed promise but was still a Far Cry from Matt Smith’s era with demons run and River Song!
Fast forward to yesterday. The BBC decided to announce the 13th Doctor after the wimbledon final knowing that the majority of the UK would be watching it (unnecessary as the resulting social media hysteria was all the advertising they needed!) I was at work at the time and was waiting eagerly for the message from my wife announcing who the new doctor was going to be.


There had been a lot of speculation around who the new doctor would be and of course the age-old discussion around whether the next doctor would be a woman. I had convinced myself otherwise, thinking that it would be a Step Too Far. I had mixed emotions when The Master regenerated into ‘Missy’ but if anybody was going to pull off a female Master it was going to be Michelle Gomez. To be honest she’s turned out to be one of my favourite incarnations of the master. This said I was still very apprehensive about a female doctor.
So imagine my surprise when I received the long awaited message from my wife saying it’s a woman! I initially thought it must be Olivia Coleman from Broadchurch, I was right about one thing, she is from Broadchurch! I did a bit of research to into Jodie Whitaker, and the more I think about it the more I think its a positive decision and positive step forward.

My Thoughts

The head writer taking over Steven Moffat was the writer of Broadchurch so he has a relationship with Jodie and can write for her. We live in the 21st Century and it’s not something which should be a shock or taboo. This said, it is a brave step from BBC as it will change the entire feel of the program. I’m thinking that the show writers must be very very very confident that is going to be a success otherwise they risk the success being blamed on this incarnation being a woman!
My advice for anyone having doubts is give her a chance…based on the last series things can only get better!

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