The Dad Joke Award 2017

During the early days of my blog I ran a competition (for the fun of it) to find the best ‘Dad Joke’, the results can be find here. For 2017 I wanted to build on this with a view of turning it into an annual feature. The Dad Joke Award 2017 served as more of an experiment than anything else with many changes from 2016. One thing that I changed was the judging panel, whilst keeping a high standard. Meet the 2017 Panel:


This year saw the return of head judge Anna. Anna is a long suffering Wife of a dad, so she knows a good or bad dad joke when she hears one! Joining her this year was Lois, Taylor and Cora, all of whom are no strangers to Dad Jokes!.

Changes for 2017

Winner of the 2016 awards was ‘My sister built a car out of spaghetti, she didn’t think I could do it but you should have seen her face when I drove pasta!’ The trouble was that the awards focused on the joke itself and didn’t celebrate the person who had submitted the joke.

The second problem was that I wanted them all to be winners! This in mind I introduced new categories ‘Puniest Joke’ ‘The Most Original joke’ and ‘Joke of the year 2017’

Puniest Joke

Again I took to The Dad Network, Facebook and Twitter for nominations and received well over 200 submissions. They were then short listed and sorted into each category. The Judges were asked to give a score out of 10 giving an opportunity for a maximum of 40 points. Short list and scores for Puniest joke are:

Why did the queen go to the dentist? To get her teeth crowned – Richard Myer – 15

How does Liam Gallagher like his soup? He has a roll with it – Kirren Gumbo Summers – 17

A sandwich walks into a bar, the barman says ‘Sorry We don’t serve food in here’ – Matt Bell – 20

I bought a dog from a blacksmith. When I got home he made a bolt for the door – Nick Henderson – 20

Have you heard what they found in John Lennons coffin? A dead Beatle – Greg Floyd – 21

..and the award for Puniest Joke 2017 with 26 points goes to…

Most Original Joke

This category is from my perspective, by this I mean I consider myself to be a ‘Dad Joke Connoisseur’ there are not many jokes I have never heard. The jokes that made the short list were ones I had never heard. Again judges were asked to give a score out of 10 giving each an opportunity for 40 points. Short list and scores for most original joke are:

Sat in a café and waitress spilt food on me. She said I should let it go but I still had a chip on my shoulder – Matthew Davenport – 18

Why are giraffes not allowed out at winter . The scarves are to expensive – BJ Mallen – 19

What do you call a fly without wings? A walk -Mark Menzies -24

Why should you avoid giving a balloon to Queen Elsa? She will just let it go – Sean Volley – 24

I had a cracking yolk about eggs but omelette other people tell their yolks instead –  Danny Graham -24

The Award for Most original with 25 points goes to…

Fatherlee Moments Best Dad Joke 2017

Now for the award you have been reading for…each judge had a choice of jokes to choose from along with all the jokes that had been submitted to the competition so far:

A poll was placed on father lee moments face book account and the winner with a whopping 80% of the voted was:

Thank you to judges and everyone who submitted jokes. I believe in dad jokes as a form of embarrassment for kids and source of hilarity for dads all over the country. This in mind I am committed to making ‘The Dad Joke Award 2018’  even bigger and better

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