5 Cbeebies Characters to Have In your Group Come the Zombie Apocalypse!

Don’t lie, we have all thought this at some point in our parental lives! With Halloween and season 7 of the ‘Walking Dead’ approaching (the only thing I really watch other than children’s TV!) I have put what some may see as an unhealthy amount of thought into it…

For people who are not fans of ‘The Walking Dead’ or similar zombie related phenomenon, it is mostly about adjusting to a broken world given the majority of people have been turned into mindless beings with a hunger for flesh…

To live in a post apocalyptic world I believe you would need Resourcefulness, Sustainability, Defense and Research. There are quite a few from the world of Cbeebies to choose from which is why I think it is important to eliminate those I consider ‘Zombie fodder’. These are those that, in my opinion, do not have any real value to survival. These Include:

Mr Tumble, Rosie from ‘Everything’s Rosie’, Squiglet, Anyone who resides ‘In the Night Garden!’, Kate and Mim Mim,  The Num Tums, The Octonauts, Postman Pat, Rasta Mouse, Ruff Ruff Tweet and Dave, Sarah and Duck, Small Potatoes, Teletubies, Twirly Woos, Wussy Wat, Zing Zillas (This is not an exhaustive list!) Despite this though there were some that stood out at making the cut.


Resourcefulness threw up my first two. ‘Robert’ The Robot from ‘Justin’s House’…as a robot, Robert would be able to move freely as he doesn’t smell of flesh, this would make him ideal for runs to collect resources and supplies without being de
tected. Also being logical would mean he is able to assist in the decision making process.


There would be a need for dynamic risk assessments and the ability to come up with plans at very short notice in this incident you need a ‘Bojaboo idea!’ Therefore my second group member is ‘Boj’ Boj is an Australian kangaroo (I think) who finishes every episode with problem solving using a great idea often using everyday house hold objects, this resourcefulness and improvisation is vital.


Mr Bloom

Once a safe location has been found and defenses put up. There will be need from someone with a certain amount of experience in growing food, who better than ‘Mr Bloom!?’ He obviously comes from a farming background.


This is an extremely difficult area as nearly all of the Cbeebies characters do not carry weapons. Of course your first line of defence would be the ‘Bojaboo walls’ erected by Boj. After that it would come down to hand combat. Again you would have Mr Blooms array of gardening tools (fork, Spade, Scythe). My 4th group member would be Captain Sinker. As an experienced pirate she should at least have a sword and know how to use it to decapitate a zombie, she may even be able to train others. I chose Captain Sinker rather than Pirate Gem because I imagine pirate gem would be less ruthless, whereas Captain Sinker would not get emotionally involved.


Nina from ‘Nina and the Nuerons’

The first 5 seasons of ‘the Walking Dead’ focus around whether or not there is a cure to the zombie outbreak. The idea being to sit out the apocalypse until a cure of some sort had been found.  ‘Nina’ from ‘Nina and the Neurons!’ – would be the best chance at researching a cure.

Actually looking back at this list I’d be in a pretty bad place, thankfully if it ever happen I should have a better list of people to choose from! Fellow blogger at http://dadssofa.co.uk/


has his own ideas, take a look and feel free to post your own ideas in the comments below…

Happy Halloween!



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