Where has 12 Months gone?!

12 months of photos

Where has the time gone!?

Saturday marked two very special occasions, My sons first birthday and the start of my blogging journey (I wrote my first ever post for The Dad Network while my wife was in labour! )

Harry on his Birthday!

I know its a cliche but I really cannot believe he is one already! It may be because with The Worm (our first child) we were focused soley on him, whereas now we have to divide our attention, which may have made us feel as if time has moved faster. It seems only yesterday I wrote a post entitled Where has 5 months gone?! let alone when we were in the delivery suite awaiting the latest addition to our family.

One year review

Today we have his 1 year review. We are confident that he is smashing all of his developmental milestones. For those who have never seen what a 1 year review looks like and the sort of questions that are asked on the questionnaire. Here are some examples

  • Does your baby laugh or smile at you or other family members?
  • Does your baby look for you when a stranger comes near?
  • Does your baby like to play near or be with family and friends? occasions and never had any issues.
  • Does your baby like to be picked up or held? –
  • When upset, can your baby be calmed down within half hour?
  • Does your baby stiffen or arch his back when held?
  • Does your baby like to play games such as peekaboo?
  • Is your baby’s body relaxed?
  • Does it take longer than 15 minutes to calm him down when he is upset?
  • Does your baby have trouble falling asleep at nap time or bed time?
  • Does your baby try to hurt animals or other children by kicking or biting?
  • Has anyone shared concerns with you about your child’s behavior?
  • Can you baby after one or more times can your baby pick up a piece of sting using his thumb and finger?
  • Does your baby help turn the page of a book?
  • After hiding a small toy underneath a cloth can your baby retrieved it?

There are 35-40 questions in total! However like I said, we are confident that he will pass the majority of them. One thing I don’t like about the questionnaire is how it keeps referring to him as a baby. The thing is to my mind if he can do all this he has grown beyond baby status, he looks and acts like a little boy and we are naturally very proud of him.


This said something we have to stop which we find ourselves frequently doing is comparing him to his older brother. We make the odd comment such as ‘The Worm was walking by this age’ or ‘The Worm was saying more by this age’ again it is advice you hear all the time but it is very true ‘Every child is different’. We seem to focus more on what The Worm did that The Monster doesn’t rather than what The Monster does that The Worm didn’t, we focus on the negative! It is noticeable as he grows how much love he has for Oliver. Out of of all 3 of us (Mum, dad and brother) Brother always gets the biggest smile when he walks in the room!

The most remarkable thing about Harry is his love of food! I have never known a baby to start chewing their food as early as he did. This morning he ate a whole bowl of cereal! And the other week a full roast dinner! He never gives us any indication he is full up. I have to say I am a little bit jealous he eats so much and I have no idea where he puts it!

Harry at 1 years old

The next full update you will receive will probably be at 2 years old and I have no doubt that once again he will be an unrecognizable little boy!


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