The Nit Invasion!

For the most part becoming a father has been a magical experience, allowing me to relieve memories from my youth resulting in a magical bond between me and my kids! However there are those days when you find re living childhood memories is not all that fun! Tuesday was an example of this when at work I received the dreaded 3 word text from Ashley (My wife) ‘Oliver has nits!’

New Beginnings

To be fair I shouldn’t have been surprised, since Oliver’s new beginnings joining nursery in September #Theboy has caught all sorts: cold, sickness and diarrhea, , injuries etc. We knew head lice were a ticking time bomb! On hearing these words I was transported back to my traumatic youth with images of sitting on the loo with a towel round my neck, my hair and eyes on fire and fighting my mum as she rubbed napalm into my hair! (I maybe exaggerating, maybe it wasn’t napalm but it had the same destructive qualities!) I would then have to go back to school and face the embarrassment having been off with nits, not to mention my own father calling me ‘nitty nora’.

My heart sank for Oliver, thinking about how he would have to go through this. I then received a further message ‘So we’ll all have to treat OUR hair tomorrow once I get some treatment’ WHAT!?  and what did she mean ‘all’ surely Harry as a baby would be spared the torture, Baby’s  do not have a lot of hair…

Hairy Harry
Hairy Harry

Ok, well yer,  i’ll let you make your own mind up about that! Ashley convincingly informed me that nit treatment products had come along way since the nightmare days of my youth. So whilst I was at work Wednesday Ashley and the boys had an exciting trip into town to get some treatment:


#Theboy’s nursery was informed, I was surprised when they said he could still come in as long as his hair had been treated. Again this had changed from when I was at school when the whole school would go into lock down!

#Theboy did extremely well out off it as he even got sweets, film and a magazine to keep him still whilst Ashley went through his hair. After reviewing #curlywoo’s (harry’s) Hair it was decided it would probably do more harm than good as we could not see any eggs or lice. My wife then saw to herself.

New Expereinces

Now normally when I come home I have chance to relax. I usually put on the tv, pour a glass of wine, and put my feet up. Not tonight. Ushered straight into the bathroom…I refused to sit on the toilet to avoid those memories flooding back. Ashley stood on a stool and started tugging at my hair with the nit comb. (luckily for me I don’t have a lot of it). She then rubbed it with the moose to be kept on over night. I even did my bearded to make sure (but to be fair if I was worried about y stubble I should have bathed my ‘yeti like’ body in it!)  Besides having to sleep with a towel over my pillow it was relatively painless.

My advice to anyone who  or whose children has head lice/ nits is don’t panic. Ok its not very nice to think you have them but there are plenty of products around to rid them.

I can only apologize if after reading this you are scratching your head raw.


  1. If there’s nits in school it’s awful! I become some paranoid nit maniac studying kids heads from above in lessons! *scratch*. I think because I didn’t get them I live in fear, a tiny colony invading my head. Aahhhh!

  2. Aw I remember sitting with my mum going through my hair with the nit comb. It felt like hours had passed by! How much hair does Harry have? Haha! So much, so cute! Thanks for linking up to That Friday Linky #ThatFridayLinky

  3. We have been lucky the girls haven’t had nits yet now saying that it will probably happen now hope you managed to get rid of them successfully Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please

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