The 12 Months of Christmas!

The 12 Months of Christmas

When I started blogging I did not want it to become an outlet for my rants…however…

This post was going to go out in November, however I am already feeling the pain of commercial Christmas. Don’t get me wrong I love Christmas and have very fond memories from my childhood. I even Decided to have my birthday on Christmas Eve! How Christmasy can you get!?

My problem is not Christmas itself (the 3 day period of Christmas Eve, Christmas and Boxing Day) or even the month of December. But the 11th months that proceed it!

I have colleges at work who insist on singing Christmas songs all year round. Again I tolerate this in December as it helps to feel festive, but who wants to feel festive in March!?


I first witnessed commercial Christmas this year back in June! Yes June! When a local co-op was selling ‘Christmas Dinner’ Dog Food! ‘ A delicious blend of Turkey chunks gravy and cranberry’ I think this is as commercialized as it gets! Do people buy this for the dog, or so they can say ‘oh bless Fido is eating a Christmas dinner!?’

Not shocked and appalled enough yet? When I logged onto Facebook on the 25th September I could not believe my eyes! Someone had already put up their Christmas tree. I think the answer to this is implementing some trading rules. I find it frustrating that a lot of shops such as Wilkos now have 2 seasonal isles from September to October to fit in Halloween and Christmas items.

The commercial exposure means that my children miss out on ‘the magic of Christmas’ by ‘wishing it could be Christmas everyday’ you take away the special exclusivity of the day. It would also cost a small fortune in Christmas presents!

So frustrated am I by the ’12 months of Christmas’ I have re written the popular song of the similar name…OK it may not flow very well but hopefully should convey my disapproval.

On the first month of Christmas society gave to me:

  1. The January Sales
  2. Further reduced stock
  3. A Christmas free month
  4. Easter celebrations
  5. An annoying whistling shop assistant
  6. A dogs dinner
  7. A singing colleague
  8. First talk of snow!
  9. Christmas Facebook posts
  10. Halloween aisles
  11. Shop festive soundtrack
  12. The Christmas month!

Basically if you want to celebrate Christmas in August…go ahead but please do not disturb others who have other things to worry about! Rant over….

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  1. I love Christmas, but think things should only appear in the shops after Halloween. I saw one shop selling Christmas mince pies in August!! #ThatFridayLinky

  2. 100% with you mate Xmas is rammed down our throats today super post. Thanks for linking to the #that FRIDAY LINKY please come back next week

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