Say No To Mr Couch Potato

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Say No To Mr Couch Potato: Not only are parents responsible for making sure that our children are eating a healthy diet, doing their homework and making friends but it’s also our job to make sure they get enough exercise. Studies have revealed that children under ten should be exercising daily for around an hour in a medium to high impact activity, while older teens could extend this time to around an hour and a half. However, what happens when your son decides that watching the latest episode of Robot Wars is better than kicking a football?

Go Wild

Embrace nature and transform your backyard into an animal-friendly paradise together. Build a few bird boxes, create a hide or badger watching hut as well as planting some trees and flowers that’ll bring more exotic visitors into the area. Encourage your child to keep a journal, have a camera, binoculars and infrared lights on standby, then once your masterpiece’s finished, bring your supplies and sleeping gear outdoors to see what your nocturnal security system picks up. Children love being able to stay up late plus they’ll have gotten plenty of exercise carrying wood, painting panels and arranging the camouflage.

The Boy exploring our wild garden!

Fancy getting out and about? Plan a father/son trek to a local beauty spot such as the cliffs above town or a forest waterfall. Make sure he know he can invite a friend if he wants, bonus points if you get on well with his buddy’s father as you could arrange a little overnight father/son camping trip- just don’t forget the marshmallows!

Physical Fitness

Going for a run is somewhat boring for kids so why not try an altogether more exciting way of keeping them fit. Build an outdoor obstacle course, complete with tyres, nets, large pipes and rope swings then challenge your son and a few of his mates to see who can complete the course in the quickest time. Other outdoorsy activities that boys like involve anything that’s wet, messy and lots of fun.

Why not sign you both up to a raft building competition? Show off your orienteering skills in a timed treasure hunt? Discover other Fun Family Activities like trampolining, paintball sessions or beginners guide to parkour as these are all great ways to get active while having fun at the same time. Why not talk to your son to see what activities he enjoys and then set aside a time to make sure you plan what you’re going to do when. Of course, what you do is up to you, but obviously, longer activities should probably take place at the weekend while you could go skateboarding after dinner.

Tech Related Trophies

Not all technology needs to happen inside! If your son loves filming stuff and fancies himself as a future best director challenge him to make a documentary about his area. Bonus points if he gets all his mates involved, there are multiple locations, or they’ve got stupid costumes on but all action must take place outside. You could even get behind the lens yourself and record video messages to leave your son, then have him walk around town collecting all the items you’ve suggested.

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