Obligatory 2017 Fitness Goal Post!

Okay, I know you are probably fed up with these ‘New year new me’ blog posts! I will admit they can become a little tedious, however I am writing this to aid my journey and get my thoughts down on ridding me of my ‘Dad bod’. I figure If it is documented it makes failure less of an option!

My Journey started way back in 2011, at the time I weighed 16.5st and although I didn’t feel unhealthy then, I am now more aware and realize that if I had carried on I was likely to have obesity health related problems. If not then, some time down the line.
I downloaded a calories counting app ( I am now aware this on its own is not the most effective way to loose weight) I was loosing a few pounds but nothing substantial. I joined the gym and would show up around 3 times a week, do 15 minutes work out then 45 minutes in the sauna! Again not the most effective of methods! Then out of the blue a friend of mine suggested that I join her in running The Basingstoke Half Marathon to raise funds for Old Basing Scouts and The Baden Powell Center. For those of you who are not aware this is one of the hardest routes in the runners calendar due the rural hills aspect! (and worse when you aren’t a runner!) Never wanting to stray from a challenge I took up running and started training and completed the 2012 Basingstoke Half Marathon in 2hrs45 minutes (my goal was just to finish!)
In 2013 I returned to the Basingstoke Half Marathon… this time for fun! I completed this time in 2hrs 30 minutes another huge achievement and a sense of pride as at my heaviest I couldn’t run for a bus! Anyway I digress, at the height of my new found Fitness I weighed 12st and felt like a different person.
I kept up running until May 2014 when fatherhood came. I no longer felt like getting up in the mornings to run (as I had been up several times in the night taking turns with my wife on feeding duties) I felt constantly knackered. Luckily I have a job that requires a lot of walking so I was not completely idle. I managed to keep the weight off a little longer through a calorie counting diet, however over 2 years I have I’ve managed to pile 1.5st back on. Although this may not seem like not a lot…I feel unhealthy. I know the foods I eat are convenient, I become out of breath running short distances and I cringe at photos.
One of the groups I am involved in through the dad network is TDN Dad Bod buster group. The group was set up in August, however I have not engaged with the group or had the motivation to address the fact that I have yet too loose my ‘pregnancy weight’ from the birth of my 2nd son! (my wife lost 8lb 120z in the space of of 30 minutes!)
So to 2017,TDN Dad Bod buster group has become more active, and I will be using the hints and tips from this to aid me . As a budgeting tool we menu plan anyway, this will make it easy to plan healthier meals. I love cooking so to invent and discover healthier versions of our family favorite should be fun! I have also re downloaded my fitness pal (Although I am tracking calories I am more interested to see that I am hitting each of the nutrient groups) Finding time for exercise can sometimes be a struggle, however I will try and make better use of bikes work provide. On my days off we are also going to try and go out for more family walks and explore new places.
My aim is to loose 2 stone by the end of March, with a target weight of 11st 4. And although I am not overly bothered about piling on muscle, but a little tone to remind me I have some would not go amiss! I will of course post updates on my progress.
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