Living With North South Hybrid Children…

Setting the scene

Basingstoke has been home for much of my life, before this I did stints in Tangmere and Colchester. 22 years and the only two trips  made up north past the Watford Gap was to Durham to visit a friend at Uni, then to Liverpool to get to the Isle of Man on a scout camp. In 2008 my life changed for the better. The year before, I joined Facebook and was taking advantage of the opportunities to socialize with friends of friends. This is how I met Ashley and so begins the story of the North South Hybrid Children…

I was instantly attracted to Ashley. When the time came for us to meet we clicked straight away. We soon found myself in a very happy relationship. There was however a problem, Ashley lived 238.7 miles away in Burnley, 75.2 miles north of the Watford Gap! In the short term we coped with monthly visits. Ashley eventually moved in with me. In 2012 the South and the North, 2 great nations joined when we both said ‘i do’. we lived happily ever after…

Wedding Day
Mr and Mrs Lee on our wedding day


Oliver North South Hybrid
Oliver eating Dinner/Tea (You Decide)

Oliver the North/South Hybrid! We love both our children unconditionally, that we agreed on. What we didn’t agree on is whether in the morning we would have tea or a brew! Midday whether we would have lunch or dinner (sandwich or butty!) and in the evening dinner or tea! When it was just us it didn’t matter, now we were co educating a child!

Suddenly it was ‘dirty’ for encouraging Oliver to dip his chips in Mayonnaise. Oh I’m sorry Mrs Lee how about I smother those spuds in gravy!? wait now your putting them in a bread roll…no it isn’t a teacake it doesn’t have currants in it!!!

We were worried that Oliver would grow up confused, but he has found his own way of coping by introducing chips, mayo and gravy to his favorite foods (Only a Northern/ Southern hybrid can get away with that!) He can also tailor words to where he is, such as the pronunciation of ‘no’. He has no problem understanding his Northern Family.

We have had to adapt too, I have since embraced the idea of chips and gravy (its only like gravy on your roast spuds isn’t it?) Although Oliver lives in the South, unlike me he does not bare the title ‘Southern Softie’ by the northern contingent, he is definitely half ‘Northern Monkey’!

2 years after Oliver was bought into the world, we decided it was time too take this social experiment further with the birth of Harry.

Oliver and Harry will be taught…

Northern Grandad
Harry with his Northern Granddad
  • You can use a ‘Back Alley’ or a ‘Ginnel’
  • If you break your leg you can have a ‘Cast’ or a ‘Pot’
  • you can get arrested by ‘Police’ or ‘Dibble’
  • You can have a ‘Roll’ or a ‘Tea Cake’
  • It is possible to greet someone by saying ‘Hello’ or ‘A’reet’
  • You can where ‘Trousers’ or ‘Pants’
  • You can ‘shut the door’ or ‘put wood int ole’
  • Babies can ‘cry’ or ‘scrike’
  • You can be ‘annoying’ or ‘oining’
  • Something can be ‘great’ or ‘beltin’
  • You can wear, or put your rubbish in ‘bins’
  • You can have ‘scraps’ on your chips

Even now as a parent, Mrs Lee comes out with sayings she has not heard since her mum used them during her childhood! But luckily these cause more confusion for me than Oliver!

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  1. Fab post and it never ceases to amaze me the difference between people in the uk Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please

  2. Funny! My Swedish wife learnt American English, so when our Little Bear starts speaking we’ll probably have similar problems that haven’t bothered us before, like pronouncing tomato or explaining what jelly means 🙂

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