Just a quick post to share my thoughts on this post from The Dad Network http://www.thedadnetwork.co.uk/pastor-yells-children-parents-lying-santa-isnt-real/ The post features this clip:

The Dad Network put across the view that it is up to parents to parent how they chose too. This got me thinking how I have always celebrated Christmas, and how I will continue to celebrate with my children.

Firstly I am not religious, I always thought I was atheist but the phrase that accurately describes my view is Agnostic which ‘is a person who believes that nothing is known or can be known of the existence or nature of God’ That is to say I believe that there is something out there but that is where it ends…life is for living and I’ll worry about the rest when I die! This was my fathers view, however he encouraged me to do my research before making up my own mind. I, when the time comes, will be encouraging my children to do the same. However this is just my belief and I do not (and I will be teaching my children not to) criticize any views that others do believe.

Not Celebrating Jesus’ Birthday!

So as a non Christian why do I celebrate the birth of Christ? Well I don’t…I celebrate family by blocking out a time of the year I can spend with them (So happens to be when I and the rest of my family get time off!) I choose to give them gifts to share my love with them and appreciation for their help and support the rest of the year round. The idea of large gatherings and feasts around this time of year actually stemmed from pagan festivals celebrated by Romans before the alleged birth of Christ (Thank you QI!). I try to make our Christmas as non religious as possible, to the extent we do not have an angel or a single star on top of tree but seek alternatives. Like I said though I do not criticize anyone’s beliefs or the way any one chooses to celebrate Christmas.

‘In God We Trust!’

In case you are not convinced I will refer you to my favorite Christmas film ‘Miracle on 34th Street’ The film centers around an elderly gentlemen who belives he is Santa Claus. After he is falsely accused of striking another man, the question of his authenticity comes under scrutiny. Following an amusing court case the Judge is presented with a dilemma, destroy the beliefs of thousands of children or except that the physical evidence in his existence was minimal. This is one of my all time favorite scenes, where the Judge is presented with a ‘Miracle’

In Summary…

So to clarify my point, I agree with the views of The Dad Network that it is up to parents how they choose to parent. I keep the religious aspect of Christmas away from our celebrations as that is up to individuals to make there own mind up.

However if you wish to believe in a mythical figure who embodies the spirit of family, kindness, and togetherness of the season, you can believe in Santa Claus in the knowledge that the people of America do so without any physical proof of Gods exsistance by displaying ‘In God We Trust’ on their currency.

Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. I’m not religious even though being raised a catholic Christmas is for my family great post Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please

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