How Spiderman Taught my Son Compassion!

With mine and my wife’s love of comics and super hero films, Oliver was inevitably going to be subjected to them at some point. However I could never imagine that one of the film in particular would have such an impact. This is How Spiderman taught my son compassion

We had bought some ‘action Men’ off Ebay a while ago, however when it came to his birthday we wanted to buy him a new and unused one. However unfortunately you can no longer buy action man straight from the Argos catalogue!

Oliver’s first time with face paint – Had to be Spidey!


After considerable thought we decided to take the plunge and introduce him to the world of superheroes through Spiderman. The action figure was an instant hit ( who knew Spiderman was a sucker for a picnic along with Peter Rabbit and buzz light year!)

When the time came to introduce him to the films we put Spiderman 2 on, nothing wrong with Spiderman 1 or the Amazing Spiderman films…we just thought 2 maybe more colorful for him (3 was not an option as any die hard fan will tell you – seriously there are much better things to do with 2hrs 19 minutes…like sticking pins in your eyes!)


Getting to the point (I promise!) He was half watching and half playing as usual. I have always wondered how much of the films he watches, takes in and understands. I have always just assumed that a 2 year old would be all about the colours and action. This in mind you can imagine my shock (when I went upstairs and left him with his mum) when I heard him crying! Not because he had hurt himself or he wasn’t getting his own way…But because (according to mum) Peter Parker was unconscious and injured!

This fascinated me that he felt such a connection with the film and character. Perhaps it isn’t that uncommon? Please let me know what you think in the comments below.

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