Hay Fever – The Silent Killer

Over the last couple of days I have felt like a pretty rubbish father and husband. I have felt really ill and a little short tempered. The reason for this was I forgot to take my Hay Fever tablets for 2 days! Many maybe thinking ‘so what!?’ but let me go into a little histoy of coping with Hay Fever – The Silent Killer

The Struggle

I first discovered I had hay fever around 10 years ago, it started out mild and although having to blow my nose a little was frustrating it was something I could deal with by one a day Citerizine. Then about 5 years ago in the month of October,  I began to feel like the inside of my nose was on fire! I wanted to scratch out my eyeballs and my eyes were pouring out water at the same rate as Niagara falls!

Over the next few days to coincide with this I developed cold like symptoms. I took time off work to visit the doctor. The doctor then told me that there was all different types of pollen and it was impossible to tell what pollen I was allergic too. He then prescribed some stronger tablets, nasal spray and eye drops to by administered daily! I have been on a repeat prescription ever since and only seem to be able to take a break during December/ January. In the evenings I can be found sitting in a darken room with my nose lit up like a christmas tree. LED Prongs are one of he most effective revilers.

Back to present day…

The temperature over the last couple of days has dropped considerably, plants are dying off in my garden and we have been experiencing a lot of rain. As my tablets began to deplete I thought ‘maybe due to the weather I can stop taking them’ WRONG!

It may sound pathetic but when my nose is constantly streaming and itching and I feel physically drained I have not wanted to move let alone dance, sing or play with Oliver and cuddle baby Harry or my wife. These are all things I love to do while spending time with my family!

This is only a quick post to:

A) Let you know that Hay fever can be disabling, but all you can do is wish it on those who claim you need to ‘man up!’


B) say I am sorry to Ashley, Oliver and Harry for being what my father use to refer to as a ‘MOG’ – Miserable Old Git

Now back on the tablets so I should hopefully start cheering up!

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