Guess Whose Back!?

I have returned…

from my 6 month ‘holiday’ unfortunately only a break from blogging! Work and parent life has ticked over with a few major developments.

I chose to take a break as I became a little overwhelmed with the success of my blog and the amount of work I was having to put in along with all my other hobbies. Something had to give and whilst I found it relaxing to write for the blog it wasn’t essential (though it felt like it trying to get 3 posts out a week!) there has been times when I have debated returning at all… But if your reading this you know how that turned out! Using  the age old saying ‘quality not quantity’ some weeks may see 5 posts some weeks may see none. I will be blogging when I believe I have something of genuine interest to my readers, for example ‘My realistic plastic purge’ and ‘Here I go again’ (reflecting on my wifes third labour!) I will of course be throwing in reviews, hints and tips when the opportunity arises. Not forgetting of course my regular posts such as ’24 Elf On The Shelf Ideas’ I will also be looking into bringing back my regular feature ‘Back To The Feature’ (looking for volunteers and guest bloggers to write letters to their 18 year old selves – Just get in touch!)


So what have I been doing with myself? I suppose the major plot development in my life is that we are expected our 3rd boy in October! Which will be undisputably, categorically absolutely definitely without any shadow of a doubt our last child! With two boys all ready we thought we would have one last go at a girl, but it wasn’t to be. I am looking forward to seeing what trials and tribulations having 3 boys will have in store. I will of course bring you all along for the ride for moral support.
Another shocking milestone is that The Worm starts school in September. Obviously I knew this day was coming. This said nothing can prepare you for seeing your first born in a school uniform for the first time. I am now spending my evenings sewing his name into the 1000s of items of clothing he needs.

‘Seb’s Web’

In between work, scouts, working with The Dad Network or Dad’s net as it is now known, parenting and family planning, we have made some progress with the series of books I Co wrote with fellow dad Stephen Morris. ‘Seb’s Web’ is an idea I had for a story based on my own experience. There once was a spider that lived in the wing mirror of my first car over 10 years ago! (better late that never!) Stephen came on board and helped make my idea a reality. Once we have sold all of our second drafts, we will be self publishing the two books each with two stories. If you cannot wait till then you can get your hands on the book here or by emailing Books cost £5 or £6.50 including postage.
The Great Bee Escape
2 stories, 1 book £5 £6.50 (including postage)
So for now all that remains is to me to say a huge thank you for all those loyal to my blog. Thank you for being patient whilst I thought about my next steps. The key is I want to keep my blog relevant, so please feel free to mail/ tweet/ message me with any ideas for future posts.
So in summary quoting Obadiah Stane from Iron Man ‘So I think what we can take away from this is… (Martin) is back!’
Thank you once again!

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