Goodbye 2016 and Hello 2017!

Over the Christmas period I decided to take a little break from the world of blogging the last 6 months since finding out about the world of blogging have been insane! However looking back, 2016 has been insane!

Each year I make ‘New year resolutions’ I always mime speech marks when I say this because I try to avoid the usual ‘to give up….’ and waned something simple but achievable Some from the past have involved taking up a new sport (so I took Ice Skating lessons) In 2014 I remember it was to embrace fatherhood and be the best father I can ( my first son Oliver was due in May 2014)

For 2016 I broke my own rule and tried to over complicate by attempting to take up two hobbies and complete a sponsored challenge. The first was to to learn more about photography. The second was to learn how to play the Bass Guitar. On top of this i had started training for The Thames 6 day challenge  (a personal challenge with a work colleague to walk 184 miles of the River Thames in 6 days to raise funds for the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance  This would be 30 miles a day with full kit)

I bought a new SLR camera in January and wasted no time in putting it to use when asked to photograph my sister in law and friends wedding. I learnt a lot about wedding photography on the day and loved every minute of it. I am also lucky enough to have two very photogenic children, this has been great for practice, however I needed different situations with different subjects so I set up my Facebook page Peter Lee Photography, here are some of my favourites…

This generated a lot of opportunities for me and goes someway towards paying for the hobby. The biggest expense was for my Diploma in Wedding Photography which is ongoing. I am happy too say that this part of the resolution has been for filled and I will continue to explore and aim to finish my diploma in 2017
The second resolution cam when my  wife at my request bought me a second hand Bass Guitar for my birthday (Christmas Eve) I think you will agree I look like a pro with his own album cover stood posing/ rocking out in my onsie!bass

However other than watching a few YouTube videos and learning to play Queens ‘Another one bites the dust’ I cannot claim this a successful resolution! Partly due to several other things that popped up in 2016 which I will touch on later.

Unfortunately The Thames 6 day Challenge was postponed due to personal issues with my team mate. This put back training and we have yet to schedule a new date (I am also in worse condition physically than I was when I decided to take on the challenge!) and as you can see from the map it is no easy task!


At the beginning of 2016 I joined a group called The Dad Network. With a 2 year old and my wife pregnant due in July I felt I could benefit from the support network this organisation provides for all fathers. I asked through the Facebook page if anyone was local to North Hampshire? with the view to meeting some fellow dad’s. I was then invited by Al Ferguson (founder of The Dad Network) to set up a local group as part of the Dad Network Local initiative.  So ‘North Hampshire – Dad Network Local Meetups’ was born! Not long after this my second son Harry was born! The support that The Dad Network provides is invaluable to my success as a father.

During my wife’s labor I passed the time by writing my thoughts about the last 2 weeks that she was overdue. I submitted this as a post to The Dad Network Blog ( until I had seen this site I didn’t really know what a blog was!) After becoming a contributor and writing a few posts I begun to find the process therapeutic, so I decided to create my own blog the idea to post reviews and my thoughts about parenting  (if you are reading this you will know the outcome of that!)

So after a very interesting 12 months with some resolutions achieved along with some unexpected uses of my time, I have started to look to 2017 all though there are 4 I feel they are more achievable:

1) obviously an ongoing resolution is to be the best father I can may sound like a cliche but #TheBoy and #CurlyWoo are my world. Also ongoing is my passion for photography.

The Thames 6 day challenge will happen but it will take a year of planning and training.

2) I plan to make learning the Bass a little easier by aiming to play Amazing Grace when the clock strikes midnight 2018.

3) I plan to grow my blog as I have found this extremely useful and fun to share my thoughts about fatherhood

4) since before#TheBoy was born I have had an idea for a children’s story book which has never been actioned titled ‘Seb’s web’  I have enlisted the help of A fellow Dad Network member Stephen  Morris to finally help me make this a reality so my 4th and final resolution is to complete the transcript and have it either self published on Kindle or submitted to publishers by 2018.

Unfortunately you will have to wait till 31st December 2017 to see if any have been successful!

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