Family Fun Days: Plans (And Back Up Plans) For The Summer

Kids are great, but keeping them entertained is a challenge. You don’t want them to be so bored they start acting up, but you don’t want to stimulate them so much that they’ll still have a lot of energy when bedtime finally arrives. You also want a bit of time to yourself, but you don’t want to leave them with the electronic babysitters all weekend. Fortunately, there are plenty of things for families to do together that will interest the kids, and hopefully won’t exhaust their parents too much.

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Educational Weekend

Learning new things is fun, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. There are plenty of museums that run special activities to broaden children’s education, while letting them have fun. You could even check the websites of your local council or tourist centre (if you live in a big city) to see what events are going on each weekend. Libraries are also great sources of free entertainment. If your local library doesn’t run a story time event, or an arts and crafts day, your kids can still have fun picking out new books or learning how to use a computer.

Active Weekend

If you want to get into shape and encourage your kids to use up their seemingly endless energy, kill two birds with one stone. Taking the family to run in the park or by the beach gets everyone playing, running, and keeping active together. Going for a family hike on a trail lets kids interact with nature and introduces them to trees and animals that they may not see back home. On a really hot day, why not take the whole family to the local leisure centre to go swimming? All these activities will have your children using up all their energy, so there might even be a quiet dinner in store later.

Rainy Day Weekend

Even with summer around the corner, British weather is famously unpredictable. But don’t let that ruin your weekend, there are plenty of things to do on a rainy day. If their first idea is to watch TV or play with their devices, encourage your children to build a den in the living room first. Depending on their age and ability, you could ask if they’d like to help you cook a big meal, or bake some cupcakes. Get involved with their fun by digging out old board games and teaching them how to play. As the day draws to a close, why not create a cinema experience. Have the youngest child pick a film, then get some popcorn and see how long everyone can sit still while it plays.

Outdoor Weekend

The sun is out again, but you have no plans to go anywhere. Get the kids out of the house (and away from the TV) by encouraging them to play out in the garden. Help them make an obstacle course, or let them practise putting up a tent for your next camping trip. Beware of any creepy crawlies they might bring inside.

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