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Since creating my blog little less than a month ago, interest has continued to grow. My Facebook page www.facebook.com/fatherleemoments has played a vital role in this. It was exciting when I realized I was not far off the ‘100 likes’ milestone. I also got excited at seeing the release of 2 person broadcasting on Facebook live!

I have never used Facebook live but the potential for 2 person broadcasting gave me the idea of conducting interviews with relevant parent experts for the benefit of my followers. So excited was I about this idea I posted this:fb-post

They say never work with children or animals, yet here I was suggesting I interview one! However I am committed and it should give me some experience of using Facebook Live. Please help and support me in my foolish en devour! just 4 more likes to go! So if you have not done please like and share the page, comment below any questions you would like me to put to Oliver, then keep an eye out for the live date and tune in!

For all those who currently follow the page and blog, thank you, it has been a strange couple of months becoming a ‘blogger’. The support I have received has been amazing, I have some exciting posts coming up so please ‘stay tuned’….



  1. Thankyou, it has been an incredible journey I will be talking about in detail a little later…please don’t forget to like the page and keep an eye out for the live interview date…

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