Dads: Here’s How You Should Be There for Your Kids

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There’s no doubt that the role of the dad has changed a lot over the last 50 or 60 years. Where Dad was once affectionate but rather distant, he’s now expected to be much more involved in his children’s lives. It’s much harder to get away with never changing a nappy, even though some still manage it somehow. However, a lot of dads can still struggle with ways to make sure they’re present in their kids’ lives. I try to be as involved as possible and hope to continue to be as the boys get older. Here are some of the ways I think dads should make sure they’re present in their child’s life.

Be There for the Everyday Stuff

Looking after the kids after a long day at work, or while you’re trying to get ready to leave the house, can be difficult. But it’s also extremely rewarding, and it makes sure you don’t miss out on those everyday moments that remind you why you had kids. While both parents deserve some time on their own, you have to create a balance to make sure you do your duty. If you’re a single father, you might use a father’s rights attorney to ensure you get that everyday time with your children. Playtime is fun, but bathtime and bedtime are just as important.

Plan Time with Your Kids

When you have a busy life, you have to plan a lot of things if you want them to happen. Many parents today both work and coordinating your schedules with family life can be hard. But if you want to spend quality time together, you have to make plans to ensure it goes ahead. Spending time as a whole family is great, but sometimes time with just Daddy is needed too. That could mean just taking them on an errand, or it might be an activity you can do together, from going to the park to camping weekends.

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Get More Comfortable with Serious Talks

Dads weren’t exactly known for talking about their feelings in the past. Today, there are still big problems with men being unable to open up about how they’re feeling. Not everyone finds it easy to talk about big issues, whether it’s emotions or puberty. But making sure your kids know they can come to you to talk is one of the most valuable things you can do. It’s up to you to start the conversation, so try to be open with your kids but make it as natural as possible, rather than a series of staged talks.

Be Involved with School and Extracurriculars

My boys aren’t in school yet, but it won’t be all that long until they are. Do you know the name of your daughter’s teacher? Have you ever met them?  What does your son need to have in his PE kit? Even though dads are more involved than they ever were, it’s still up to mums to do a lot of this kind of work. Even though it can be hard, especially if you work full-time, getting involved with your kids’ school and any activities they do outside of it ensures you wouldn’t be left floundering if you had to look after the kids alone for any reason.

There are lots of ways you can be there for your children. Being a constant presence in their lives allows you to support them.

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  1. Such a sweet article! My husband loves to spend time doing relaxing or fun things with the kids, like building a fire or tossing a ball. He does plenty of the “everyday” stuff too, but I’m not sure he enjoys it as much! I’ll have to have him read this. 😉

    • Thankyou! I bet they are taking it all in even if they do not look that engaged…I know thats the case for mine when he is quiet we know he is concentrating!

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