This week was a huge milestone for #TheBoy and something that my wife and I had been putting of for a while. After 2 years and 8 months we said good bye to his dummy! This was one of 3 milestones we have been putting off but want to address in the first half of this year. The other two are: potty training and moving his 6 month old brother into his room.

I know when it comes to dummies it is a minefield of opinions. When he was born I did not want him to have one. My thought process on this was that if he did not have one, we would never have to ween him off it when he was older. However at around 3 months he began to have trouble sleeping and we tried everything we could think of, in the end I had no choice but to give in and agree for him to have a dummy to sleep and when he was exceptionally tired. This approach worked really well, we would always however take it off him when he woke up so that he did not become too attached to it.

#TheBoy at 3 Months Old

Taking the step to take it away from him permanently is something we have talked about before. My mum had said that I got rid of my dummy after my mum had said ‘your getting a bit old for that now, why don’t we throw it away’ which I did. The idea behind that approach was simple. I was getting rid of it on ‘my’ terms. This approach was one I wanted to adopt to getting rid of #TheBoy’s, however every time we mentioned to him ‘shall we get rid of your dummy?’ he replied with a plain and simple ‘no!’

#TheBoy & #CurlyWoo #TheBoy is on the right!

A friend at work suggested to us that the ideal time was Christmas. She advised us that she had told her children that Father Christmas was coming to collect it to give it to the younger children. We talked about this a lot with him and he got really excited. Then Christmas eve came and the answer was ‘no!’ Not wanting to make the idea of Father Christmas a negative experience, we decided to leave it.

Last Sunday we started to discuss the 3 major milestones coming up and thought we would start with the ‘easiest’. We made the decision that I was going to put him to bed without a dummy and we would deal with the consequences. In the car coming home from my mums we posed the question to him ‘should we get rid of your dummy?’ He surprised us both when he said ‘yes, Father Christmas?’ We explained that Christmas had gone and he may be on holiday, but we would phone him and ask him if he minded coming to collect them and take them to the younger children. He became very excited. When we got home we sent a quick text message to my father in law, and asked him to pretend to be Father Christmas! (If you have read some of my previous posts you will know that I believe in Father Christmas but we all know he goes on holiday in January)

That night he went to bed and there was a few tears, as there has been each nap time and bedtime since. Until last night! He did not ask for his dummy at all. I know this may seem like a little thing, but I know for him it is huge! I almost feel silly at the immense pride I feel in him for making the decision (If I feel this proud of him, I cannot imagine how I will feel at other milestones and achievements)

So that’s 1 down 2 to go, maybe we should just bite the bullet…or we could put it off a little longer…hmmmm.


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