Aston Martin DB5 – The Perfect Family Lease Car

When I was approached by Vertu Lease Cars to write about my ideal lease car from the big screen, the answer was obvious! It has to be an Aston Martin DB5 (you know the one, the classic iconic bond car) Well I say obvious as it is MY ideal car, however my wife was quick to remind me that WE require a family car!

Aston Martin DB5


So the task is easy…

convince my wife that an Aston Martin DB5 is the perfect family hire car!

Here goes…

Any parent will know the joy of leather seats when a child is sick in the back of the car. Leather seats save hours of scrubbing as they are wipe clean. Leather seats will also protect against leakages while potty training, drink spillages and half a sandwich! No lasting stains or smells.

The Aston Martin DB5 is described as a 2+2 configuration. Admittedly I had a to do a little research into what this means, Wikipedia defines it as ‘two rear seats rather than the more common three’ Having only two children I am pretty sure that my family would fit comfortably.

As in the majority of cases when it comes to classic cars there is no shortage of boot space. Whilst I cannot guarantee our pram system will fit, I am pretty sure we could find a pram that will.

Of course one of the big pressures of owning a car is street cred! The unspoken thoughts on that parent who arrives at school with the brand new model, or in contrast the one who turns up with the shed! The advantage of a classic car is that it will never age. This will get you parent brownie points however old the kids are.

Having just read the post so far to my wife I asked ‘are you convinced?’ unfortunately her response was ‘No!’ However lets assume going forward for the rest of the post it was a ‘yes!’

Other than the day to day role of a family car: Shopping, School Runs, Work commute: no lease period would be complete without a holiday, It would have to be the Italian Riviera or skiing trip in the french Alps!


You can be sure whatever you were to use it for it would be done with style. The reason I have a love affair with Aston Martin is that there is not one model that can be defined as ugly, from the Aston Martin Lagonda to the DB11 they all ooze class. If the DB5 was not available I would settle for any of the Aston’s that feature in the ongoing Bond saga. If you have any ideas of a car from the big screen you wish to lease for a day comment with the reasons why! Here are some ideas to oil your engines…

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  1. Great car there is one parked near my house it really is a very cool car great read Thank you for linking to #ThatFridayLinky Please come back next week

  2. Now that is my sort of car. Leather seats are a must for our family, it was only when one of the boys got in with his signatures sharpie after going to football that we found that cream wasn’t the best colour leather to get!:)

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