5 Inspirational Fathers From the Super Hero World

Following on from the re branding of my blog I thought it would be fun to have a think about inspirational fathers from the world of super heroes. I am not a fan of DC Comics but this has not affected my decision making process! First of all I am discounting Jor-el the father of Superman, I understand that he sent Superman to earth to save him from the destruction of Krypton…but seriously, not one birthday card or visit! One of the most powerful beings in the universe happily leaving his only child to be brought up by a farmer and his wife!?

Speaking of powerful beings I also took out Thanos, not exactly a model father. I can’t help but think if he did spend a little more time with his daughters Gamora and Nebula, he wouldn’t have time to take over the known universe (Would love to see this story on Jeremy Kyle)

I am also discounting Thomas Wayne the father of Batman. Nothing against him, but as he died so early on in Bruce Wayne’s life it is a little hard for me to pass any form of judgement.

So to the top 5:

A young Howard Stark

5) First up we have Howard Stark (Tony Stark’s AKA Ironman’s father) Howard Stark always appeared to put his work and work for S.H.I.E.L.D before family, leaving Tony to think he didn’t love him. However as we found out in Iron Man 2  during an outtake video of his Stark Expo speech, although he exercised distant parenting he did love his son. My favorite Marvel dad quote originates from this moment: ‘What is and will always be my greatest creation, is you’ He had high hopes that his son would go on to change the world. Unfortunately Tony did not find any of this out until over 30 years after his death. For me Howard is an inspirational father as he had big plans for his son. However as a father I think it wouldn’t of hurt him to share them.

Hank Pym

4) Hank Pym (Jannet van Dyme’s AKA The Wasp’s Father) Now this is a tricky one, as for most of Janets life Hank lied to her about what had happened to her mother. However he believes he did this to protect her from the truth. This resulted in him pushing her away. However once he came clean they rekindled their father daughter relationship. Again it is clear Hank wanted what was best for Janet by preventing her from coming into harms way as the Antman (he loses points as due to his U turn she will become the Wasp!)


3) Odin father of Thor and of course Loki.  Now Odin made the list as he adopted Loki.  But despite the love he showed for Loki, Loki was destined to follow in the footsteps of his frost giant father and attempt to take over the known universe. I have huge respect for anyone who is capable of adopting. Odin did this whilst he was bringing up his son Thor. Despite Loki’s bad choices Odin remains to love him as much as Thor.

Uncle Ben

2) Ben Parker, so not technically a father but the adopting father of Peter Parker AKA Spiderman. After the death of Peter Parker’s father at a young age, Peter’s Uncle Ben and Aunt May took Peter in and provided stability for him. Again I have a lot of respect for adopting parents, but what puts Uncle Ben at number 2 is due to him delivering the best line in any marvel story… ‘With great power, comes great responsibility’ This is something I will be passing on to my children, knowledge itself is power but its how you apply that power that’s important!


1) Finally at number 1 is Hawkeye – This is probably the only list that he would top! He is my least favourite Avenger, however as we saw in ‘Avengers Age Of Ultron’ he balances work and home life with ease. Even finding time for a bit of DIY. He reminds me of myself as I am working father with many hobbies, If only I could balance them as effortlessly.

So that concludes the list, just a bit of fun, but please comment if you disagree or believe I have missed anyone important out!

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