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Its that time of year again. The time of year where many of us run to the shops and spend our money on champagne, roses, chocolates and other gifts. If your children want to join in the festivities and you cannot afford expensive gifts or if you just fancy doing some valentines crafts with your children, #TheBoy, wife and I have tried out some ideas for recycled crafts. It is worth heading to a stationary shop and stocking up on various coloured card as it will always come in useful…

1) Toilet Roll

My Wife found this idea and I absolutely love it. The key to doing any crafts is thinking outside the box. I had never previously looked at a toilet roll and thought ‘That would make a good heart shape for printing’!


All you need besides this is card, paint and an enthusiastic child! Looks great as a picture, background or card! #TheBoy at the age of 2.5 quickly got the hang of the printing and after a few sample prints from ‘Mummy’ he started chanting ‘me do it, me do it’

2) Eggy Flowers!

This was an evolution of an idea I vaguely remember from school. Using one half dozen egg box I pre cut each compartment into a star shape and rounded off the petals. I placed them on the table and #TheBoy jumped straight into painting (I had to finish off to ensure the whole of it was covered)

This part was going well until I took my eyes off him for what could only have been a split second. In that time he had painted his cheek and was trying to print it onto the table!

Eggy Flowers!

3) Love Feet!

Those who know me well, will know that I am not a fan of mess! I sometimes engage in messy play with #TheBoy though the thought of it terrifies me…This is why I left this activity to ‘Mummy’!

Heart Card

The idea is simple, dip your child in a pot of paint and stamp them onto some paper with one clean move. (Tip: the start of this sentence is absolute rubbish good luck!)

4) Handy Flowers

The simplicity of this idea makes it a really handy activity (Sorry for the dad jokes I can’t help myself) Again ‘Mummy’ took care of this one. Same principle as the feet only this time you will need to hold your child by the ankles! The next step is to simply cut out the hands and tape them to pipe cleaner stems. Pipe cleaners can be found in many craft shops but are always useful to have in for all kinds of activities.

So that concludes our list of recycled craft ideas for valentines day with the kids. Besides paint, card and pipe cleaners the majority should cost you nothing. However being 2.5 #TheBoy is yet to find ‘The One’ so his artwork has gone up in his private gallery:

#TheBoy ‘s Private Gallery

I would like to make a disclaimer though….If any of these are used by yourself as an alternative present for your wife rather than roses, wine or chocolate I will NOT be held responsible. Have fun and…


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