Christmas Gift Guide: Surprise Gifts for Kids!

It’s that time of year again when we begin to look for presents for our loved ones. When buying gifts I think back to the presents I received as a child. The best ones were the ‘surprise presents’. The random ones that I would never have asked for but got the most fun out of! Since starting my blog I have had the honour of reviewing many products that would make great gifts. Here are some of mine and the kids favourites, Christmas Gift Guide: 10 Surprise Gifts for Kids!

Paint Your Own Fairy Door

Paint Your Own Fairy Door! (Gifts Your Kids Didn’t know They Needed!)

The Irish Fairy Door Company provides a great interactive experience online whilst providing arts and crafts. Oliver and I reviewed ‘Paint Your Own Fairy Door’ last year. Oliver dived straight in and as well as the hour spent painting, he has spent 2+ hours playing with his fairy online. The Kit is marketed at £25 but given the entertainment value and duration I reckon it is worth that!

Buy Paint Your Own Fairy Door here

There’s a Monster in my book

There’s a Monster In Your Book – Review

If your kid is a fan of books they will love this. Oliver loves the ‘Dinosaur That Pooped’ Series. So we were very excited to see that Tom Fletcher had put pen to paper again. There’s A Monster In My Book Provides another great interactive experience.

Buy ‘There’s A Monster In Your Book’ Here.

Hey That’s My Fish!

Hey That’s My Fish!

So I recently joined ‘The Bloggers Board Game Club’ So far I have had chance to review some great games. My favourite so far is ‘Hey That’s My Fish’ I was joined by my nephew and niece to review the game. We found it a little like chess, having to use logic to plan our moves. The game is simple to set up. There are many different variations and would make a great family game Christmas Day!

Buy ‘Hey Thats my Fish!’ Here.

The Poppy Appeal Shop

I Stumbled across the Royal British Legion Poppy Shop Whilst looking to buy one of the pin badges for Remembrance Day. I was shocked to find a whole aray of gifts sold by the Poppy Appeal! If you head to the shop I am pretty sure you would be able to find gifts for all the family! and the best part is that some of the money goes back into the Poppy Appeal!

Tarquin and The Troops

Animal PostersI was recently asked to review a reward chart for Tarquin and The Troops (Coming Soon). On inspection of his website I found an array of posters and products. The bold uniqe designs instantly caught the eye of my 3 year old. They are very reasonably priced and would great on any kids bedroom wall.

You can buy Tarquin and The Troops posters here.


Dobble: An Evening of Entertainment!

Doble was another game I had the privilege to review. Again providing hours of entertainment due to the many ways it can be played. If you deplete all the games in the instructions, make your own up! Great game to play with the kids.

Buy Dobble Here


If you have a young child who is into technology, take a look at Hopster There are 6 months and 12 months subscriptions available. Videos include Fireman Sam, Sesame Street, Ben and Holly and many more. The App also includes a number of educational games. The advantage of the App being subscription is that you can continue to download new games and videos for free! I will be putting a full review up soon.

You can buy Hopster Here.

The Illustrated Harry Potter Collection

This review from Forwards and Bookwords provides a very honest review

Reread & Review: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling (Illustrated Edition)

My wife is a huge fan of the Harry Potter books. When she heard that they were being released in illustrated form she was beside herself! They provide a great opportunity to introduce young one into the wizarding world of Potter.

Buy the illustrated ‘Harry Potter and The Philosopher s Stone’ Here

Hopefully these ideas have inspired you to ‘think outside the box’. Your children may open with a confused look on their face but I am pretty sure it will be replaced with a look of joy!

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