The Cortex Challenge 2

Cortex 2
    Cortext BoxingCortex Game

For this review I enlisted the help of my Wife, Ashley. We have a very competitive relationship. This competitiveness can be seen within our ongoing monopoly rematches! (We have the electronic version which she ALWAYS takes control of, go figure!)

Cortex challenge is a game that does what it says on the tin! Putting your brain to the challenge with a series of sensory challenges.

Box Contents

  • Instructions
  • 6 sets of cortex pieces
  • 9 Touch Cards
  • 81 challenge cards
Box Contents

How to Play

Each card has one of 6 different styles of challenges. Cards are turned over and players compete to answer the puzzle to win that card. Each player  can only have 4 cards. When a player has 2 of the same challenge cards they can exchange it for a piece of cortex. The aim is to complete your brain!


So it took us a while to fully understand the rules of the game. Probably not helped by working it out and looking at the instructions as we went along. The game became very competitive very quickly.  Being a kind and considerate husband I decided to let my wife win!

Although there was only two of us playing, the game lends itself to more. The game is for 2-6 players making it a great family game. Perfect for putting children to the test and adults alike. My wife summed it up by saying that ‘it makes you think fast on your feet’

In Summary

Although initially a little confusing, Cortex Challenge 2  does have many advantages. Firstly it is fun! Secondly it is a great brain workout bearing a little resemblance to the brain training I use to have on my Nintendo DS! I was unable to test with my own children as the game is targeted more at older children (10+)

Without a doubt Cortex Challenge 2 at £12.99 is a great educational addition to your family games kit. You can buy it here

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