The Confusing World of Child Nutrition!

We have recently been going through the ‘don’t like it’ stage with Oliver. He has always been good with food and we have never had a problem when it comes to eating a balanced diet. Over the last 4 months he has become very picky about his food. I know we are not the only parents who have struggled with this, and as with any subject around bringing up children it is confusing because everybody has an opinion…this led to one of my few and infrequent ‘brilliant’ Ideas! Why not pick the brains of a child nutritionist and stream it to you all over Facebook Live!

untitledI contacted a old school friend of mine who I know works as a personal trainer and is very knowledgeable and passionate about child nutrition. Sarah from Inside Out Health & Fitness was straight on board! The interview (parts 1 and 2 due to a technical hitch) can be viewed at

As well as answering questions submitted during the live broadcast. I also wanted to find out the key messages when it comes to feeding our kids. I have attempted to consolidate the content of                                                                               the interview but for full details please view them!

What do we as parents need to be aware of?

I was surprised to hear that when it comes to eating healthily, low fat options ARE NOT the way forward! That’s right, advertising campaigns for a lot of low fat foods have actually been lying to us. The best thing to be giving  children apparently is full fat milk, full fat butter, plenty of cheese etc. Sarah informed me the reason for this is because low fat usually means high sugar. Sarah explained that a lot of children (and adults) are actually consuming double their recommended intake. The government’s guidance for added sugar is:

Under 7s: 18g (4-5 tea spoons), 7-10: 24g (6 Teaspoons) to put this into perspective 1 can of coke contains 35g of sugar (9 teaspoons!) which is almost double the recommended for under 7s on its own!

So what sort of foods should we encourage our children to eat?

A large section of the interview focused on good ideas on what we can feed our children. The main focus was on foods with low sugar but high fat (It will take me a while to get my head around this one both for myself and kids!)

  • Fresh Fruit – However dried fruits should be avoided as they are high in sugar. (again this surprised me!) also bare in mind that fruit should only make up 2 of your 5 a day.
  • Wholemeal bread (50/50 at a push) -White breads, white pastas etc lots of carbohydrates are too easy to break down and as a result send energy levels crazy increasing risk of weight gain and diabetes.
  • Cheese! – Kids need protein for muscle development etc, cheese is a great source of this (good news for us Oliver is a cheese monster!)
  • Roast carrots and swede – not as high carbohydrate intake as normal potatoes
  • Mash swede in with mash – The message here is hide the food (its only a white lie to your children!)
  • Frozen Banana – apparently taste like ice cream and is amazing covered in cocoa powder before freezing
  • Plain full fat yogurt with added fruit etc – be creative, high in protein and calcium! Most supermarkets do their own version of full fat Greek yogurt (saving money as well as encouraging your child to eat healthy! Win win!)

13680993_1703470276583023_2232198863749943877_nThe information and advice given are the views of Sarah from Inside Out Health and fitness who has a passion for child nutrition, although you may disagree with the view, hopefully we will all begin to think a little more about what our kids are eating. My favorite part of the the interview was the recipes that were shared (I will be trying a few to get Oliver to eat!). It would be great to hear your favorite healthy recipes for children. If you have any ideas please share them in the comments.




  1. Feeding children can be difficult. For us, it is hard because we have one picky eater and one who will eat almost anything. For my picky eater, it is a texture issue with most food. So to sneak in some nutrients I make different smoothies. His favorite right now is a Pumpkin Cheesecake Smoothie. It has pumpkin, greek yogurt, cream cheese, banana and maple syrup.

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