Back in Time For Dinner 60s

You may remember a while ago I posted about our my families attempt to recreate a 1950s Dinner With my passion for food and history I was intrigued after watching the BBC series ‘Back in Time For Dinner’ which saw a regular modern family looking back at the history of family food.  I suggested to my wife and mum that we have a go at the challenge and cook some family meals with ONLY ingredients and methods around at the time.

Back in Time For Dinner 60s

The 1960s was a strange era for food. For many with the end or rationing food became ‘exotic’ Certain foods could be imported and there was no need to rely on home grown foods. This resulted in food looking a lot more colorful. The food also begun to have a huge European feel too it as borders began to open up again and we were holidaying abroad more. This time round we went to my mums house and she had even found a 1966 world cup inspired table cloth!

Any excuse to celebrate the 1966 World Cup!

It was also my mums turn to cook the main course. Getting in the zone Inspired by the new foods experienced when traveling in the 60s she made Beef Bourguignon. During the 60s supermarkets were relatively new, many were still buying corner shop tinned food and some even still growing their own veg. With this in mind my mum accompanied it with peas,  sweet corn and veg. #Wormboy (my 2 year old son) ate most of his meal but unsurprisingly focused on the peas and sweetcorn!

This time it was my turn to make dessert. Thankfully in the 1960s refrigerators became common place in many homes. This opened up a world of possibility for home ‘cooking’. Fridges were used not just for desserts, but savory dishes! Cook books were released with some questionable recipes:

I remember from the BBC TV Series that they were challenged to make a whole meal with no cooking, using only the fridge. This was a shocking introduction for me into the ‘culinary’ trends of the time with a gelatin pea ring! The thought of this still makes me feel a little bit sick.

Whilst I am willing to try new things, this quality of gelatin in savory dishes is a little too far for my modern tastes. I decided to play it safe and make a tropical fruit jelly ring complete with hand whipped double cream. The ring was packed with fruit so really healthy for the kids and who doesn’t like Jelly! This said #WormBoy appeared more interested in the cream!

For me this was a far cry from he food we cooked a decade before during the 50s. It was a little more complex and was richer and displayed more similarities to the food I serve my family today. We are now looking to the 70s. I feel my mum has an unfair advantage now with the challenge as she remembers the 70s! I will of course post the results!


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