Tech Toddlers – Introducing Your Kids To Technology


 Tech Toddlers: Everyone has a smartphone or a tablet device these days. You might also notice some young children playing on these kinds of devices when you are out and about. There’s just no escaping tech nowadays no matter how much you might want to! And, as a result, it is becoming a lot harder to shelter children from all this technology.  

As it’s impossible to keep kids away from tech, it is now important that they are correctly introduced to it. By being smart about how you introduce them to all these modern contraptions, you are ensuring that they can use it sensibly and safely without your supervision. So, do you think it’s time your toddler or young child was introduced to the world of technology? Then read on!



Don’t Discourage The Use Of Tech

Once your kids do start to become aware of technology and various devices, you should be overly negative about them. Some parents are quite negative about tech in front of their kids as a way of trying to discourage them from excessive usage. But this rarely works! In actual fact, it could make your child want to rebel against you, and they might end up using tech a lot more just to annoy you!

Be An Example Of Moderation

Your kids need to be encouraged to use tech in moderation. And, as the majority of children look up to their parents as good examples of behaviour, you need to use your own tech in moderation too. This way, they get an idea of how much they should be using tech each day. So, if you sit on your own laptop for hours each evening, don’t be surprised if your kids end up copying you and falling into the same bad habits!


Follow Age Restrictions And Guidelines

Almost every piece of tech will come with age guidelines. It is important that you stick to these. Most social media sites, such as Facebook, have age restrictions, which are in place, so your child doesn’t see age-inappropriate material. Most games and apps are also age restricted. When your child is old enough to play games, you will need to make sure that you download a safe kids app so there is no chance that they will see or play anything that they shouldn’t. Most of these apps are safe for your children to use without your supervision.

Remind Them That There’s More To Life Than Likes

Once your kids are old enough to start using social media, you need to constantly remind them that there is more to life than likes and retweets. Even though getting lots of attention on social media sites may help boost their confidence, it can also do a lot more harm than good. As long as you tell them that interactions on social media are only skin deep, they won’t be so affected by the times their posts don’t get many likes.

Kids can really benefit from the creative and educational side of technology. Just make sure you introduce yours to tech in the right way!

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