Preparing Kids For The Problems of Tomorrow

Preparing Kids For The Problems of Tomorrow: When you become a parent you must realize that you’re teaching a new generation how to survive and live in the world. It is is your responsibility to prepare them for the challenges that await them and ensure they are ready to deal with all the issues. So, what steps do you need to take to ensure that they can handle anything life can throw at them?

Help Them Cope With Bullying

Bullying, taunting and teasing are all just accepted parts of life. You would be amazed by the percentage of children who don’t get through school without being bullied at some point. Many estimates have it as high as twenty percent.

Bullying isn’t always preventable but it can be managed by ensuring you give your children the support they need. Make sure they realise that they are not alone and make sure they realise bullying doesn’t always disappear after school ends.

Let Them Stand On Their Own

In the early years of childhood, your children will always be leaning on you for support. But eventually, you have to make sure they feel strong enough to stand on their own. It’s like teaching someone how to ride a bike. Eventually, you have to take off the stabilizers. There are lots of scenarios in life where this is important but one of the main examples would be money management.

Teach Them To Be Independant

You need to show your children what money means, why it’s important and how with the right management it can benefit their life. There are many ways to do this but the infographic below certainly contains some helpful advice.

Infographic by

Twin Mummy and Daddy



  1. Interesting post and great graphic. Yes financial awareness and the ability to handle money is a must. There’s a good book coming out called and with guidance and actions you can put in place by Beth Kobliner. She gives strategies and lots of case studies. With bullying, I think it’s more than listening and them learning how to be strong enough because it will happen and may happen all through life. This seems oversimplified but young people should learn how to handle money and strategies do need to be put in place for this and if they’re bullied or indeed if they bully. #ThatLinkyFriday

  2. This is excellent totally agree kids need to learn about money totally vital Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please

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