The Most Inventive Proposals Ever

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Getting down on one knee and proposing is the old-fashioned way to do it. It’s very romantic, and some people might still love that tradition, but it’s been done a million times before. That’s why people are getting more and more creative with their proposals. If you’re planning to pop the question and you want to do it in your own special way, you’ll need to come up with something pretty special. Here are the main aspects you need to think about, and some ideas to help you get inspired.

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The Ring

The first thing you need to sort out is the ring. Some people like the traditional diamond, but that might not work for your loved one. Think about what they like, and consider getting something like tacori engagement rings if you want something a bit different. The ring needs to fit the personality of the person you’re giving it to. If they’re outgoing and loud, then a huge flashy diamond is perfect for them, but that won’t fit the personality of somebody that is a bit more reserved. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the biggest, most expensive diamond is what everybody wants because that isn’t always the case.

Choose A Sentimental Location

Choosing a place that is special to both of you, and holds some significance in your relationship is the best way to make your proposal all the more amazing and put a personal touch on the whole wedding. A common one is the restaurant where you had your first date, but you can do better than that. Dave Mosher and Kendra Snyder are both science journalists, and he decided to incorporate their shared passion into his proposal. He took her to Brookhaven National Laboratory and invited her inside the particle accelerator there, on the pretense that they were researching a story. Needless to say, she wasn’t expecting a proposal, but it will be one that she always remembers.

Don’t Just Ask

Getting down on one knee and asking for their hand in marriage is the classic way to do it, but you can be more inventive than that. One man in San Francisco commissioned an artist to draw a huge installation in the sand that featured the words, ‘will you marry me’. He then took his girlfriend on a walk up to the top of the hill where they could see the whole thing. Needless to say, she said yes.


You have to be careful with this one and only do it if you think your partner will respond well to it. One prank proposal that springs to mind involved a rooftop, a ring, and a very shocked bride. The video ended up going viral and it got very mixed reactions. As the groom produced the ring, he pretended to drop it over the edge of the roof and jumped out to catch it, tumbling off the roof, seemingly to his death. Of course, he had a crash mat set up below and he was fine, but for a few moments, his bride to be thought that he was in serious danger. It’s a wonder she still said yes.   

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