Recognise The Signs Your Boy Is Becoming A Young Man

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Recognise The Signs Your Boy Is Becoming A Young Man: There will be a time in your life when your little boy starts to become a man. This is the time when you need to teach him about what it’s like to be an adult or at least, a teenager. You’re going to have various different roles and responsibilities during this stage of your son’s development. But it’s also a time when you need to back off and let him make his own mistakes. So, before we look at some of the roles you have, let’s explore the signs that your son is becoming a man.

No Need For A Supervisor Trick Or Treating


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Since we’re rapidly approaching Halloween, perhaps this is the best place to start. If you celebrate Halloween, it’s usually a time when you dress up your little ones and take them around to the next door neighbour houses, knocking on the door asking them for candy. However, as your kid gets older, you’ll find he doesn’t want to go out with you anymore. Instead, he could be ready to go by himself or with his friends. This slight yet significant tug for independence is a clear sign that your child feels he’s old enough to do things without you. Though this may not seem like a major occurrence, it can be a significant turning point.

Time For A Shave?

Boy Shaving

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This one is actually quite fun, and you can get a jump start, as has been shown in countless family movies. You can show your little one how to lather up their face with shaving cream and let them watch how you trim your own facial hair. Of course, eventually, you’ll find that they grow their facial hair and need it trimmed. It’s at this point that you may want to think about buying them their first razor. Teens love this as a present because it makes them feel like a real man. Manly Matters and a few other websites have some tips and reviews on the right razor to buy if you’re looking for the first one to purchase for your child.

First Relationships

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Another sign that your child is entering adulthood is them bringing home their first partner or someone who they are dating. During this time, it’s important that you teach your boy how to be respectful, the right way to treat their partner and ensure that they do know about the birds and the bees. This is always a fun time for any dad, and there’s bonus points if you manage to keep a straight face.

First Argument

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You might think that arguments are something that parents have to deal with  all through their children’s life, but that’s not true. Arguments begin quite late in the game and are a clear, albeit annoying sign, that your little one is maturing. It’s slightly different from a toddler tantrum because rather than just kicking and screaming suddenly your little man is forming arguments and rebuttals to your point. It’s at this point you will need to hone your very first ‘because I’m your father that’s why!” Don’t worry arguments always cool down and you’ll be back to throwing the ball around in no time.

We hope this helps you navigate the early signs that your little boy is transforming into a young man. Good luck.

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